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10 Most Interesting Products From CES 2022

The International Consumer Electronics Show CES is an annual trade show held in Las Vegas, Nevada on the first of January. Giant Electronic trademarks attend and show up their products with the most recent technologies that they have achieved. This year, there were quite a few interesting products from Samsung, Sony, Intel, Asus, and AMD.

The New Bravia XR TV Series from Sony

Sony announced Bravia XR TV Series for 2022. In which they come with processors that control the new generation of backlights (Mini LED). They cover a wider range of colors and shades, so they provide the viewers with an amazing experience. Moreover, Sony revealed the (Netflix Adaptive Calibrated Mode) that automatically adjusts image processing based on ambient light. This will produce the lighting conditions intended by the content’s creator.


The Freestyle, a Portable Projector from Samsung

With its lightweight of 830g, it makes it easy to carry it around and watch Netflix with your friends wherever you are. It has many unique features such as the 360-degree sound system, and a rotating design to direct the projector on any wall, even on the ceiling! With1080p resolution, from 30 to 100 inches at up to 550 lumens of brightness,

Samsung announced it will be available in 4 different colors, and planning on releasing a dedicated waterproof case for outdoor use, with many other accessories to enhance the device, such as lenses and a USB-C portable battery for outlet-free projecting.


The PlayStation VR2 Sense Controllers

Sony revealed the new headset VR, which uses an OLED display, and the frame rates of 90Hz and 120Hz will make visuals smoother. The PSVR2 has outwards-facing cameras on its exterior for inside-out tracking, which helps the virtual environment change realistically as the player moves his head, omitting the need for extra sensors placed around the room as to what older VR system’s needs. On the other hand, Sony revealed the new generation of controllers that will be named: PlayStation VR2 sense controllers.


Odyssey Ark Screen from Samsung

The Next-Generation Gaming Screen

The rotating Samsung Odyssey Ark is the largest curved monitor yet, with a screen size of 55-inch and Quantum Dot Mini LED 4k display. That’s not all, Samsung continues to make the gaming experience seamless by adding an impressive feature, which is the ability to adjust the screen as you like by turning it at 90-degree, either in landscape mode to be in the center of the action or a portrait style where the screen is towering over you with the help of the height-adjustable stand. With its massive size, it features a multi-view option by showing other windows on the same screen and adjusting the size of your gaming window as you need without affecting the resolution.


ROG Strix Flare II Animate Gaming Keyboard

ROG, one of Asus’s gaming brands unveiled the Strix Flare II Animate, a brand-new gaming keyboard that comes with an LED display on its side. The dot matrix display can play animations, logos, battery life, time, date, and even audio visualizations. Asus also added an RGB strip on the bottom of the keyboard. It also comes with a detachable wrest rest that has a color underflow. Moreover, the new keyboard will come with swappable switches for all keys. This is will come in handy for you to customize your won keyboard with different type-feels as you prefer. For example, you could make it harder to press the space bar, and easier to press the WASD.


AMD Ryzen 7000 Desktop CPUs

AMD decided to jump with their desktop CPUs since they have 5000 series for now. Revealing the new 7000 series desktop processor in its brand-new design. AMD also revealed the all-new AM5 platform, which features an LGA socket. The processor can perform with 5Ghz across all cores, while the platform includes support for PCI Express Gen 5, DDR5 memory, and much more. AMD claims that those new releases will be on market in the second half of this year.


Intel’s 12th Gen Core Processors

Intel revealed their newest Core Processors that they aim to launch within the first quart of 2022. Starting with KS-Series Desktop CPUs that bring up to 5.5 GHz frequency.

Then to the fastest ever H-Series for mobile units with 40% better performance than the 11th Gen. The new series will help increase the number of FPS in gameplaying.

Intel also revealed the brand-new P-Series, the line of core processors that are dedicated to thinner and lighter mobile units. The series consists of 6 different processors, all delivering up to twice the performance above the 11th Gen series systems on the market today.


Asus Zenbook 17 Fold OLED

Asus Revealed the new Computing device called Zenbook 17 Fold OLED. It comes with a foldable screen that can turn into a laptop shape by folding it at a 90ْ angle. This will come in handy transporting the devices with larger screens conveniently. The shell screen comes with a QHD and 90 Hz refreshing rate. The Zenbook 17 Fold will be equipped with Intel’s 12th Gen Core Processors, 16 GBT RAM, and 1 TBT SSD.


Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra Robo-Vac

The New Generation of Robot Vacuum Cleaners

It looks like the dream Robo-Vac is coming true. The new Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra can do its routine without the need for your help. There are a few impressive Robo-Vacs revealed during the CES 2022, but this one is quite awesome. It can clean carpets, mop floors, clean itself, and comes with a camera and a speakerphone making it able to video chat.

The cleaning/charging dock has 3 containers to empty the dirt, drain the bad water, and fill the vacuum with clean water. All of this happens automatically. The vacuum can also avoid furniture and recognize the floors to avoid soaking your carpet with mopping water by using the camera and the 3D mapping system.


The Color-changing BMW Car

The German automaker BMW unveiled the iX Flow, a concept vehicle with “E Ink” that can change colors. This is the same technique that has been used for amazon kindle devices, which means that BMW iX Flow can only change colors through a scale of white, grey, and black, but officials said the technology theoretically could offer other colors.

The project manager said that this is a good way of showing the daily moods and custom occasions. It also helps to adapt according to the weather, since it is known that whites suit hot weather while blacks suit cold weather.

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