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4 Dishwashers That Run Quietly

With Less Than 50 dBA

Whenever you rely on a dishwasher to do its job, you also want it to do it quietly. Low-dBA dishwashers are crucial especially if we live in a compact place or have a kid’s room near the kitchen. Here are 4 top quiet dishwashers that are rated with less than 50 dBA.

Is 50 dBA Quiet Enough?

To make it easier for you to figure out how quiet “or how noisy” a dishwasher is, have a look here and compare dishwasher noise with common sounds and their dBA level.

Infographic dBA Levels

These sounds are within the normal level and bearable to human hearing. Any noise that is more than 75 dBA is harmful if you are exposed to them frequently or for a long time. The dishwashers may be ranked between 55 dBA and 38 dBA.

Daewoo Quiet Dishwasher


(49 dBA)

This dishwasher from Daewoo efficiently can handle washing the dishes. There is enough storage room and adjustable shelves so you can adjust them to suit large dishes and odd shapes.

LG Quiet Dishwasher


(49 dBA)

LG dishwashers are considered quiet. This is because the interior of the dishwasher has been designed with fewer moving parts. The engine runs efficiently and silently at the same time. On the other hand, Smart Things support is considered a plus. The adjustable shelves and foldable tines will make it easier to stack up the dishes comfortably. Check out this dishwasher from LG that has 10 programs and 44 dBA.

Whirlpool Quiet Dishwasher


(43 dBA)

If you are looking for a trustful dishwasher that goes with your budget, then Whirlpool dishwashers are the ones. This quiet Whirlpool dishwasher with 11 programs and a ventilation drying system that automatically opens the door after finishing the round.

Samsung Quiet Dishwasher


(42 dBA)

This dishwasher from Samsung works with high energy efficiency according to its efficiency card. You can also track and control the process from your smartphone. It prevents dew by automatically opening the door after finishing the round.


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