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Before Buying a Robot Vacuum, Consider These Tips in Your Home

It is joyful and comforting to go back home after a long day finding it tidier than before. This is the robotic vacuum’s core mission, as they save you time and effort. But before you buy one, you need to go through some factors in your home. That they reflect your decision. Find below 3 of these factors.

Home Layout

Navigation systems vary from one Robo-Vac to another. Narrow corridors and fully- furnished rooms would require precise navigation. This helps the robot vacuum avoid double work on the same spot or running out of battery before it finishes its round. Doorstep thresholds might be an obstacle for some vacuums, so make sure to pick one that passes them easily.

If you prioritize periodic cleaning for all levels in your house, then consider having a smart vacuum for each level.

Floor Type

It will be easier for you and the vacuum if you have similar floor types in your house. Vacuuming carpet pieces here and there will be easy as well unless you want some mobbing. Because this requires some preparation packing up the carpet before mobbing around.

There are some robotic mobs in the market with sensors to recognize carpets and avoid soaking them in water. Also, choose whether to have a separate robotic vacuum and a robotic mob, or 2 in 1 model.

Pets & Kids

If you have kids, just make sure to pick up any toys left on the floor. For pet lovers, the robotic vacuum is good for sucking up all fur. Just look for models that have designated brushes and filters for this purpose.

To Help You Find the Ultimate Robotic Vacuum

Checkout This Robo-Vac Buying Guide

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