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Celebrate Saudi National Day With Authentic Dishes

Saudi Flavors with a Modern Twist

KSA National Day

Celebrate Saudi National Day, the land of hospitality and generosity, where authentic meals are filled with both love and taste. Explore with us 4 iconic Saudi dishes including Kabsa, Saudi coffee, Tawa bread, and Saudi Sambosa, and learn how to prepare them in a modern style that aligns with today's fast-paced lifestyle.

Saudi Special Food

Saudi Kabsa

Nothing beats Kabsa’s popularity in Saudi cuisine, the dish that all agree to love. Yet, the easy-prepared dish becomes even easier with the electric pressure cooker, where all ingredients are combined in a single pot. Prepare the chicken stock, sauté the onion, and boil the rice quickly in no time.

Khawlani coffee beans

Saudi Coffee

Gahwa” holds a big part of Saudi traditions, where you find a lot of rituals in preparation and serving. Such as starting the serving from the right guest located in “Majles” to the left, never topping the cup with coffee, and always handling the cup with the right hand.

Several updates were made to the tools used for Saudi coffee to speed up the process without compromising the authentic taste. For instance, roast “Khawlani” coffee in the electric coffee bean roaster and brew it in Deem Dalla to serve a lot of guests during big events.

Saudi Famous Dish

Tawa Roti

The thin, flat Tawa bread is well-known in Saudi Gulf cuisine. It is signature for the simple and essential ingredients (Flour, water, and a pinch of salt). Form a light dough and spread it on the hot Tawa griddle. Enjoy it freshly cooked or add some toppings like scrambled eggs, cheese, or even peanut butter. Today, you can enjoy griddling Tawa on an electric griddle in various sizes and shapes.

Traditional Saudi Dishes


In the Air Fryer

Sambosa is the top famous dish in Ramadan breakfast, but surprisingly you can enjoy it all around the year as an appetizer or a snack. There are many updated recipes for the Sambosa stuffings today. But the original one is with ground beef and mug beans. The classic version is deep fried, although the contemporary cooking appliances leaped with more healthy options such as oven-seared and Airfried Sambosa. You can also prepare Sambosa ahead of time, then pop it in the freezer so you enjoy a hustle-free dish in a short time.

Saudi Arabia National Day

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