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Choose a Long - Life Refrigerator

How to choose a refrigerator

It is the family’s best friend of all time, from the food inside to the decorations outside. Hence it is important to have a fridge that lasts a decade, find here your ultimate guide on how to buy a refrigerator. 

Measure the refrigerator

Capacity & Measurements 

Before you start shopping, you need to measure your area. It is important to limit your options using dimensions and capacity.  

  • eight, width, and depth limits for the refrigerator. 

  • The free space to open and close the doors. 

How to Decide About Capacity? 

Capacity is measured with Liters or Cubic feet. To estimate your need, calculate 4 – 6 feet per adult. This means that a typical family of 4 requires 18 – 20 feet. 

5 ft per person. 

20 ft for a family of 4 people. 

Refrigerator features

Fridge Features 

Look for these features when you buy a refrigerator: 

Refrigerator compressor

The Inverter Compressor 

Helps to stabilize cooling degrees in an energy-efficient way. 

EER card in refrigerator

Energy Efficiency Class 

High-classed fridges are energy-efficient and eco-friendly. 

No frost refrigerator

The Nofrost Function 

To automatically blow frost, keep the inner parts dry and moderate. 

Fast freeze fridge

Fast Freeze 

The best for cooling down your bulky new-bought groceries. Turn it on and it will cool everything in no time. 

The best inner design to cool foods

The Internal Design 

Multiple drawers and foldable, adjustable shelves help you conveniently organize your fridge. 

Fridge temperature

Digital Temperature Regulator 

Its high sensitivity allows it to adjust the temperature while saving energy. 

Fridge types

Find the top advantage of the most popular models and designs: 

Types of refrigerator

Top-Mount Refrigerator 

Suitable for all times & places. 

Various sizes & colors. 

One door fridge

One Door Refrigerator 

Use it as a fridge or switch it into 

a freezer if you need. 


4 door fridge

4-Door refrigerator 

Multi-drawers and isolated 

compartments for odor-free foods. 

Door by door fridge

Door-By-Door Refrigerator 

Organize food vertically as a convenient 


Top freezer vs bottom freezer

Top-Mount or Bottom-Drawer Freezer, Which One? 

It is elegant and organized to have a bottom-drawer freezer as in a French door or 4-door refrigerator, but you can pick the top-mount one to avoid bending down to catch an item or place another. 


Optional to Have 

Refrigerator with water dispenser

Water Dispenser 

The compact water dispenser minimizes the occupied area in your kitchen. Some models require a water source, while others have a water container to be topped up.  

Fridge with ice maker

Ice Maker 

You will never run out of ice. No more spilled water due to topping up the water mold. Some models require a water source. 

Digital display in fridges

Digital Display 

Its role varies from showing the current temperature of the compartments to displaying the food inside with the knock-in feature, as in LG InstaView Fridge. 

Smart refrigerator

Easily diagnose problems, remind you of maintenance timings, remotely control the temperature, and turn on programs like Fast Freeze. 

Warranty & Maintenance

All refrigerators come with a basic package of 2 years full warranty, and minimum of 5 years warranty on the compressor. You can extend the package for 2 more years with our eXtra Safeguard Services when you checkout. Also, find the suitable eXtra maintenance package and enjoy a lifetime of convenient products. 


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