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Choose Your Air Conditioner in 4 Steps

Conditioner Buying Guide
With the summer season knocking on our doors, you need to bundle up wisely chosen air conditioners. Whether you need to furnish a new place or decided to replace your aged air conditioners with new ones, here are 4 steps to get the best options that chill both you and your electric bills.

How to buy air conditioner

1 How Much (BTU) Do You Need?

Measure The Dimensions First

Deciding the thermal unit amount (BTU) according to the room’s dimension is important. 12000 BTU = 1 Ton. There is a simple equation to calculate how much BTU you need:

Conditioner quick guide


The table below shows the calculation of BTU needed for the most popular rooms’ dimensions:

AC Capacity


British Thermal Unit Needed (BTU)

Room Dimension


























Also, keep in mind the additional factors that surround the room require more (BTU). Like:

Glass interface vs. conditioners

Glass Interface and big gates.

windows effect conditioners

The number and the size of the windows.

cooling a sunny room

Room’s direction according to the sun.

cooling rooftop room

Rooftop rooms.

cooling warm rooms guide

Do not install an air conditioner with more BTU than your needs since it fails to suck up humidity while it cools the place. Not to mention the urge to switch it on and off to adjust the temperature, which negatively affects the electricity bell.

Choose the conditioner's compressor

2 Ask About the Compressor

It is important to know whether the conditioner you look for has an inverter compressor or not. The units that adopt this technology can smartly maintain a stable temperature without the need to consistently switch on and off. This results in saving energy for long-term usage.

Meet The Wonder AC

what is wonder AC
A Window AC With the Inverter Technology Get rid of adjusting the room’s climate through the on / off switch by using the inverter compressor. Now the inverter is not exclusive to the split and stand-floor ACs but to window ACs. Wonder conditioners are window shape-wise but with improved features like the inverter, smart connection, and a high rate of EER compared to the original window AC.

Split ACs

3 Pick the Right Design

Decide the best design according to the place. For example, window conditioners are suitable for small and closed areas, while freestanding conditioners are good for wide areas, and there are split conditioners that can fit easily in any place. Find in this table the capacity and the key features of each AC :

Split condirioners


Up to 7.5 Tons

Up to 4 Tons

Up to 2 Tons

Cooling Capacity

  • Come in 2 units

  • Covers a large area

  • Come in 2 units

  • Quiet

  • Easy to install

  • Low Prices

Main Feature

conditioners EER card

4 Choose According to EER

The Energy-Efficiency Ratio card is an easy, certified way to help you compare air conditioners. The higher the colored tracker goes, the more efficiently the product is marked.

The Portable Conditioner

Portable coolers
If ever have an area that is away from the cool air, or you are through a temporary issue of conditioners’ maintenance, then portable conditioners are a helpful solution. Just unbox the unit, put the exhaust hose in the nearest window, plug it in, and enjoy the cool air.

eXtra set-up

eXtra Safeguard

eXtra Care

eXtra Repair

eXtra provides you with a group of services so you maximize the benefit from your products. Install and maintain your AC with eXtra Set-Up and eXtra Repair . eXtra Safeguard eXtra Safeguard also can take care of your devices for a longer time.

eXtra Services

Simple Steps to Maintain the AC By Yourself

Choosing the AC wisely is important but setting up a maintenance routine is necessary too. Either with help from a skillful team or by yourself. Find a few simple steps that you can do:

conditioner's filters

Clean the Filters

Uninstall the filters then rinse them with running water. Let them dry before you reinstall them. Repeat the process before and after seasons and post-strong dust storms.

clean the AC

Clean the Unit

with a wet towel, wipe up the outer surface of the conditioner. Do not forget the louvers.

clean the conditioner's compressor

Clean the Compressor

It is the outer unit of the split and floor-standing AC Splash it with a water hose while keeping the electric wires away from the water.

how to adjust conditioner's compressor

Adjust the temperature

Especially if you need to keep the room decently cool all the time. Just set up the AC with the highest temperature possible ( 23ْ-25ْ Celsius) or (73–78 Fahrenheit).

These steps will maximize AC’s efficiency, save power, and prolong AC’s lifespan. If you seek professional help, do not hesitate to call our team and we can book an appointment to visit you:

eXtra services working hours

Working Times

Saturday to Thursday: 9 a.m to 10 p.m. Friday: 4 p.m to 10 p.m.

eXtra services phone numbers

Phone Numbers

8001240900 920004123

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