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Do You Work Remotely?

Here Are Some Tips for You

Remote Work

The COVID-19 pandemic was the world’s chance to experience real remote work. It opened new a movement among businesses to support this trend. Whether you're working remotely as part of a team, or you are a freelancer who wishes to elevate your experience, here are some tips to boost your productivity working from home. 

Home Office

Set Up the Space 

A List of Essentials 

Visiting a café as a quiet spot to accomplish some tasks might be a good idea from time to time, but it's essential to have a dedicated office to finish your projects and conduct calls comfortably. Regarding other setups, a laptop and a comfortable seating arrangement are necessities for completing your tasks. The next level of needs comes directly after these basics, and if your home is relatively quiet most of the time, you can substitute a closed office by choosing a corner of the living room, for example, and equipping it with the work accessories you need.

 Here's a list of what you might need depending on the nature of your work and tasks:

Laptop for Business Use

Choose a device that matches the nature of your work, especially if you're dealing with heavy files. Here’s this guide to help you choose a suitable laptop. 

  • Comfortable Seating: 

Including a desk and chair. If you're more comfortable on a couch, it's okay to have one that fits. 

Headphones for calls

For video calls and to increase your focus while working. 

Home network

  • Internet Connection: 

Look for a decent internet subscription. Choose a network router that guarantees you a strong Wi-Fi network. Use an individual system for the business if necessary. 


Time management and remote working

Time Management 

You might find that your time blends between personal commitments and work achievements, and insufficient sleep hours. To prevent this from impacting your productivity level, it's crucial to set boundaries for your working hours. With practice, you'll find that organization gives you a sense of accomplishment and maintains your focus. Try using task management apps and apps to enhance your focus on your mobile for more assistance. You can also use this matrix that divides tasks into 4 main categories, giving you a way to handle each one and thus help you achieve the highest level of productivity. 

Time management and working remotely

In a study by Karen Wilson and James Korn about attention, the researchers indicated that the common adults' attention period ranges between 10 and 20 minutes, which is why you can set up a short working period followed by a light break. Also, look for the peak hours in which your mind is at its highest focus and maximum productivity. It might be the early hours of the morning, or perhaps the last hours of work when the last-minute rush motivates you. 

Work from home with your family

Family Support 

Guide Them Through it! 

Undoubtedly, your family's support is a big factor for you to achieve careerwise. However, if the culture of working remotely is new to you, then you will need to embrace the idea of being present at home but not being available at all events. Like missing mealtimes or going for a walk with the kids. It is also challenging to explain this concept to children sometimes. Talk to your family members about suitable break times for you and share your work schedule so they know the appropriate time to interrupt. 

Meetings with Remote Workers

Colleagues Connection 

While working remotely, you will find that any issue would require making a call, sending an email, or chatting through apps. These matters elevate the formality of the relationship between you and your colleagues. To help make things normal, it's essential to have a regular meeting or a light call now and then. If you are a member of a team that works in an office close to you, it's okay to visit them or arrange more meetings to break the routine and enhance your connection with them. 


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