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A Headphone for Every Need

Enrich Your Audio Experience with This Guide 

Headphones buying guide
Audio devices vary as much as our interests and the activities we engage in. Whether you're looking for a durable Athlete pair, an immersive gaming experience, or pure sounds while doing chores. Here, we help you choose the best headphones for you. 

The Basic Features 

earphones main features

Types of Personal Audio 

Earbuds, Earpod
  • Plugged inside the ear 

  • The compact design and small size make them pocket-friendly  

Light headphone
  • sits directly on the outer ear 

  • Suitable for making calls and relatively easy to tuck in your bag 

  • cover the ears without necessarily touching them

  • High noise isolation, excellent for long sessions and gaming 

Wearable audio devices are of 3 types. The primary difference between them is external design, but this reflects on the features and the unique capabilities of each design. For instance, in-ear headphones often excel in sound isolation, while over-ear headphones are the best for video games and immersive experiences. Above is a quick look at each type and its optimal use. 


Did You Say Tangled? 

Wired buds

Despite the significant advancement in wireless technology, wired headphones remain an excellent choice as they won’t consume power. Audio latency is not an issue with wired headphones. If you use devices equipped with an AUX port or a 3mm jack, wired headphones will be a strong addition, ensuring sound for listening, recording, and editing. 

Sound Isolation Vs. Noise Cancellation 

Sound Isolation Vs. Noise Cancellation 

What’s the Difference?   

Headphone designers use these two terms to express sound clarity in headphones. Although the features might seem similar, each operates differently. Both provide clear and powerful sound while ensuring privacy by preventing sound leakage. As for the difference:

Sound Isolation is a mechanical technique. It is optimally implemented in over-ear headphones with the padded earcup design. Some earphones excel in this feature as well. 

In contrast.

Sound isolation

Noise Cancellation requires sound reprocessing. This consumes some power to isolate surrounding noise precisely. You can activate or deactivate the feature from the settings at any time. It effectively filters air conditioner noise from your voice during calls and eases ear discomfort during a flight trip. 

Sound isolation


Never Lose Them Again! 

Find your headphone

We’ve all had moments where we search for our headphones and spend time finding them. Technology has provided smart solutions to this issue. With the help of an app on your device, you can track and find your headphones in moments using Bluetooth or navigation maps. Some apps can also alert you if you leave them behind, like Apple’s AirPods. You also get many additional features by linking headphones with a smart app, such as monitoring battery life, controlling sound levels, and downloading firmware updates, all of which enhance your experience and maintain great headphone performance over a longer period. 

Watch this video on how to find Apple AirPods. 


Loud speakers
Do You Love Vibrant Atmosphere? 

The experience of using speakers is different. Audio content often complements the surrounding atmosphere and gives it more life. Whether you are practicing your favorite hobby, exercising, or doing household chores, you’ll find that a speaker is your companion that enhances your environment. 


What About Proof? 

Waterproof buds

Headphones go through many conditions that require them to be water and weather-resistant to maintain their strong performance for longer. If you love sports and engage in exercises involving exposure to water or even sweating, water resistance will be a required feature in your headphones. If you choose speakers to add ambiance to your beach trip or camping, then water and weather resistance in your audio device is essential. We can dedicate a special post to explaining the levels of water and weather resistance and how to benefit from them in choosing any device that is frequently exposed to external conditions and water. 


If you’re interested in equipping your home with an audio system that enhances your entertainment and TV devices, here’s a guide to buying the best home sound systems. 



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