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Apple Intelligence is coming

& More Exciting Updates to the OS 

Apple Updates

Get ready for the ultimate tech experience with Apple, as they unveiled groundbreaking updates at the WWDC 2024, led by the innovative Apple Intelligence system, enhancing Siri's performance with smart, intuitive features. These updates span across iPhone, iPad, Mac, and other Apple devices, all set to launch in Summer 2024. Dive into this post for more details. 

Discover 18 New Features from Apple in This Video  

iOS Update

iOS 18 

Apple has introduced significant and groundbreaking updates to the Photos Studio, enabling you to filter and organize photos into groups based on time, people, places, or recent days. This makes accessing photos easier or hiding random images from the main view without necessarily deleting them. This update also includes numerous privacy enhancements, such as:

  • Hiding apps and customizing permissions for each app.

  • Utilizing satellites for sending and receiving iMessages to ensure end-to-end encryption.

iPad Update

iPadOS 18 

In addition to sharing new features with iOS 18 for interface and icon customization, the calculator app now leverages the iPad’s large screen, allowing you to write equations by hand or with an Apple Pencil. The app can solve everything from simple calculations to complex physics problems. The Notes app now enhances handwritten text, making it neater and allowing for easy edits, additions, deletions, or corrections, all in a handwriting-like font. 

Apple Watch Update

WatchOS 11 

This update brings new capabilities for customizing the data you want to focus on, displaying it in the iPhone app or on your Apple Watch interface. You can now pause your goals and activity rings for a day or several days, helping you manage your targets better. With weather alerts, AI-powered live translation, and direct match updates, notifications, and quick tasks are more efficient than ever. 

iMac Update

MacOS Sequoia 

Apple redefines the Mirroring feature, allowing you to access your iPhone without needing it nearby. You can perform dual tasks, such as adding a video part from your iPhone app to another part on your MacBook. You can also access and interact with notifications without unlocking your screen. Additionally, Apple introduces a dedicated password management app. 

Apple VR

Vision OS 2 

This is the first major update for Vision OS since the launch of Apple Vision Pro. You can control the main interface and navigate between apps and notification lists with simple gestures. Experience immersive video and photo browsing, and enjoy Spatial Videos recorded with iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max, offering ultra-realistic and 3D viewing experiences. 

Apple TV Update

TVOS 18 

Apple transforms the viewing experience on Apple TV, enabling you to get insights about actors on the screen and the soundtrack within the content you’re watching. No need to pause the content or use additional iPhone apps—just use the remote to get quick info about the actors or add the soundtrack to your favorite list on Apple Music directly. There are also stunning new customization options for screen savers and wallpapers. 

Apple Intelligance

Siri Update

Apple Intelligence 

When Apple announced its generative AI system, it set essential standards to ensure optimal performance for users. These standards include strength, simplicity, innovation, personalization, and privacy, all designed to secure your sensitive information. Here are some features of the system:

  • Express yourself: Create instant images and designs to share via iMessage or social media.

  • Content management: Summarize or rephrase email texts and articles, or get feedback on your blog post before publishing.

  • Precise commands: Retrieve specific documents sent from designated contacts.

  • Voice and text commands: Give commands to Siri by voice or text, with improved contextual understanding.

Watch this video for more details on Apple Intelligence  


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