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Hop on to EURO Cup 24

Discover the EA Sports FC 24 Update 

Euro Cup 24

With UEFA EURO 2024 openings, EA Sports FC 24 is launching a comprehensive festival-themed update, allowing you to experience the tournament atmosphere in your favorite game. This update includes dynamic features that let you track real-time player and team performances, adding unparalleled realism. These updates provide detailed elements that make the experience more interactive and realistic, allowing you to feel part of the event. 

Watch the launching trailer for the EURO24 Cup 

EA Sport24

Lead Your National Team 

captain your team and achieve victories to reach Berlin or play individually and create your custom national player. At the end of your training, you'll gain new PlayStyles. You can also customize your strategies and tactics based on the actual performance of the teams in the tournament, adding an extra layer of realism and control. 

Euro Cup 24 Update

Match of the Day 

The game will be updated with "Match of the Day" simultaneously with the real European festival, encounters from the opening matches to the finals. Shape the events in digital matches with players whose performance is updated in sync with their real-world counterparts. This provides a more interactive experience where you can see how your performance affects the real teams' results, adding a challenge and excitement to each match. 

Friendly Match Fifa 24

Friendly Matches 


The update also allows you to challenge friends in online Friendlies. Battle up with your friends in same-generation platforms and deliver your best performance with the European national formations and the main qualified teams in the festival. This feature enhances player interaction and boosts the excitement of friendly competition, making every match an opportunity to test your skills and enjoy competing with friends. 

EA Sport 24

New Loan Types 

FC24 introduces two additional types of loans: temporary and global. Global loans offer a significant opportunity to enhance team capabilities and formation during the European festival. Players can now experiment with new tactics and innovative strategies thanks to these additional options, adding variety and excitement to the game, and allowing you to develop your team continuously. 

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