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Retro Technologies with Modern Twists.

Check out These Old Techs That Kept Their Spark.

Old Technologies

In a world where genius technologies appear and disappear at glance, some techs are considered legends. A majority have faded already, but there are a few that got slight updates. Here are 4 retro technologies that bring you nostalgia.

Vinyl Record

Beyond their beauty as decoration pieces, vinyl records have proven their eternity in keeping pure sound against climate changes such as heat, humidity, and dust. Whether you tend to connect your hobbies with physical products, or you prefer to have hard copies of your favorite albums, vinyl records are your pick.

Arcade Game

These went viral in the ‘90s. Not only in-home gaming consoles but also in restaurants and entertainment centers. Even with the 3D games spreading today, arcade games kept their signature with simple, naïve 2D designs and unique soundtracks.

This is exactly what encouraged the developers to invest more in remodeling arcade games since they were already suitable for all ages in both home and portable consoles.

Instant Camera

The photo you send, re-share, copy or print out multiple times today used to be a unique take that is impossible to repeat. It is quite amazing that instant photos are back on track with a slight flip on their features. If you are into instant printing, and classic-themed photos, then inkless, instant cameras are for you.


The typical old film machine does exist in today’s projectors. The idea of lighting the photos on a giant wall in a dark room has lasted for decades, competing with the TV that still fights to display pure blacks on its screen.


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