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Top Video Games in 2022

On this year’s list, the intention goes to adventure, open world, and simulations. Where the last one is highlighted in the annual edition of FIFA. Without further do, here are the lists of the top video games this year, one for the PlayStation and the other for Nintendo Switch

Top 5 Games on PlayStation 5

The new edition from EA Sports takes the first place, with a bunch of additions like the 2nd generation of Hypermotion Technology, that gives more reality into the gaming environment and players’ motion. FIFA also introduces Women’s Club Football; it also opens new abilities in the career mode and player’s development. The best addition to this game is the “cross-play” where you can team with all your friends regardless of the platform that they are using.

The previous edition has brought an epic experience to us, yet here is the new edition ranked in the 2nd place with more inspiration. Aloy continues to rescue the remaining humans and marches to balance back the world. In her journey, she will gather up with old friends to unveil the secrets and face up to huge, scary machines around the borders.

This game is inspired by Scandinavian legends. It starts when Faye unveils her will to her son and husband to say, "Spread my ashes atop the nine realms' tallest peak”. Obeying this, a gate of adventures and unexpected battles that bring up the father and the son closer, as well as help the son to discover his power.The game has unique visual effects, 3D sounds, and immersive DualSense abilities. There is a special edition and remote control for the game, sold separately.

Elden Ring

You are the upcoming Eldin Lord, choose your power abilities so you beat up your enemies. Find the story and the secrets behind it. This world has been designed with inspiring details that drag you to immerse and explore. The story also is not straightforward, but it allows you to figure it all together. Making it all a level up.

Gran Turismo 7

The ultimate car racing simulator must have something for every car lover. Whether you are a designer, racer, or photographer. The developer has worked hard to improve the game all through the years, which brings this year’s edition that is the closest to the ’90s game. With amazing, smooth graphics and views

Top 4 Games on Nintendo Switch

Just like the PlayStation 4 edition, Nintendo’s version comes with the same features and additions regarding Women’s Club Football and the brand-new stadiums and outfits

Kirby, a cute creature that can steal the enemy’s superpower to use against them, now comes in a 3D game for the first time. Where his main mission is to rescue friends and help them rebuild their peaceful city. These all come in amazing and

various worlds waiting for you to explore. The game allows you to firmly control your moves, making it fun to play.

If you are still into 90s arcade games, then you will enjoy this one. Where the 2D graphics and the music that inspired by the original series and arcade game. In addition to the short- sessions battling concept, all are shaping a beautiful, classic game with advanced playing abilities.

Regardless of the amazing Pokémon games series, this is an icon. The Pokémon Company is bringing up the game with an open-world style for the first time. The story goes back to the time when the Pokémons had just started to appear, so your mission is to catch, gather, and tame them.

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