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Tips To Suit Every Kitchen Design

Tips for different kitchen designs

Choosing home appliances is a challenging task. There are thousands of different models to choose from, and the options for each can be endless. The best way to narrow down your options is by deciding on a budget, how often you will use the appliance, what features you need, and what size would best fit your space.

If you're still indecisive about the best design for your kitchen and how to set up appliances without ruining the look, today is your lucky day. eXtra blog will give you all the hints you need to fit your kitchen appliances the way you imagine.

The work triangle is considered the golden standard of kitchen design. This refers to the sink and, therefore, dishwasher, fridge, and stove placement for efficient cooking and cleaning. Also, consider storage options and strategically placed appliances, and map out how you'll move around.

Let's check out the most popular kitchen layouts considering the work triangle.

Single wall kitchen - kitchen designs

L-shaped kitchen - kitchen designs

U-shaped kitchen - kitchen designs

The Single Wall Kitchen

Tips for single wall kitchens - extra egypt

One-wall kitchens have become increasingly popular lately since they require a tiny space. If you're thinking of remodeling your kitchen and want to minimize your kitchen space to a single-wall kitchen, you might be wondering what appliances would be best for one-wall areas.

We know you're now wondering; how to make your one-wall kitchen feel like a full-service food preparation area. The answer is too simple, using the right appliances!

In this article, we'll introduce you to some great appliances for one-wall kitchens that will help you get your meal on the table in no time.

The single-wall kitchen appliances

Dishwasher for single wall and small kitchens

A good dishwasher can help you save space by combining two functions: washing and drying dishes and the best go-to is 10 places setting with dimensions of 45 CM.

Integrated microwave ovens and steam ovens are other great space-saving appliances that can fit nicely in a small kitchen.

Refrigerator for single wall and small kitchens

Refrigerators with tall doors, or column refrigerators, are perfect for one-wall kitchens because they allow you access from both sides of the door. This makes storing items on both sides of the fridge easier and saves space overall.

The built-in oven and hob can be the perfect fit in a one-wall kitchen, as they can be efficiently designed according to your taste and space, so you don't need to worry about how and where you should put the cooker.

Oven for single wall and small kitchens

Lighting For One Wall Kitchens

Lighting tips for a one wall kitchen - eXtra Egypt blog

Whether it is an open plan or enclosed one-wall kitchen, ensuring sufficient lighting is essential for facilitating the use of your space. Track lighting is an excellent option for this type of kitchen layout, running the length of the cabinetry. As required, this can also be adjusted to focus light over the worktop or adjoining dining area. Ambient lighting is essential for this type of kitchen, especially when an open plan, but equally accent lighting, whether statement pendants or color-changing LEDs, is important for setting the tone you want for your living space.

L - Shaped Kitchen

Tips for L-shaped kitchens - eXtra Egypt blog

An L-shaped kitchen layout comprises cabinets on 2 walls at a right angle to one another. One run of cabinets is often slightly longer than the other, creating the L-shape.

Having your tall (tower) cabinets on the smaller side of the L can be space-efficient, especially if there is a window in the long run. This means you avoid blocking the light.

Positioning the tall cupboards along the shorter side of the kitchen can provide a longer countertop area, plus the chance to install additional wall storage units. Ensure that you have ample room for food preparation and that your stove and sink are sufficiently separated.

If maximizing storage isn't necessary, consider only putting wall cabinets along one side of the L-shape. This can help create a feeling of space.

Similar to the single-wall kitchen layout, having an L-shape can create a sense of open space. If space allows, you could also put a dining table in the room.

The L-shape kitchen appliances

A good dishwasher can help you save space by combining two functions: washing and drying dishes, and the best go-to is a 10-14 place setting with a dimension of 60 CM.

The Cookers Range will be easily designed according to your taste, and Built-in hobs for cookers with

90 CM dimensions.

eXtra Tips

Remember, part of your kitchen wall should be dedicated to your fridge. It would be best if you considered that before you decide how long one of the lengths of your L-shaped counters should be.

To choose the best refrigerator for your family size, check our blog here on the eXtra knowledge hub.

U-Shaped Kitchen

U-shaped Kitchens (sometimes called C-shaped or horseshoe kitchens) are one of the most popular kitchen layouts.

Having a U-shaped kitchen helps maximize the amount of storage and countertop space. It also can be flexible in size and design (to some extent).

Tips for U-shaped kitchens - eXtra Egypt blog

What Is A U-Shaped Kitchen?

A kitchen design that consists of three sections of cabinets arranged in a curved shape resembling a U is known as a U-shaped kitchen.

It is possible to design a U-shaped kitchen in various shapes, such as long and thin, square, or even unevenly sized sides. This type of kitchen layout is more versatile than one would think!

An alternate design for your kitchen is to have an extended U-shape with a peninsula or island in the middle. One of the cabinets will be attached to the wall and stretched out into the middle.

There are many ways to utilize the U-shaped kitchen.

How Wide Should A U-Shaped Kitchen Be?

Ideally, you should have at least 1.5 meters of floor space between cabinets. This means your U-shaped should allow at least 1.5 meters of distance between runs.

1.5 meters allows enough space for two people to move freely in the kitchen and enables you to open comfortably and close doors and drawers while still having room to move around.

Work triangle in a U-shaped kitchen design

Not to forget the work triangle and where you should place your appliances, the u-shaped kitchen gives you freedom of choice since it's more spacious than the other two designs.

Yet, the built-in appliances would give you a feeling that this kitchen was made only to be yours and will help sync all kitchen elements together.

So when you have a luxurious space, it will always depend on your design and family size.

Visit our eXtra knowledge hub to learn more about home appliances.

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