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Microwaves... With Advancements!

The Guide to Buy a High-End Microwave

Microwave buying guide

Microwaves Nowadays are a big deal. It is not just about having a hero tool to save you from a hunger attack, but also having a second hand as a modern-style chef. This guide helps you with the essentials for microwaves and a resource for the latest technologies available in microwave ovens today.

Microwaves Main features

Best microwave features

The more Watts, the more powerful the microwave is.

Choosing the right microwave

Find out how many liters you need according to Family members, average usage, and the free space for the microwave.

Microwave technology showcase

  • Control Panel

Between the touch buttons and the knobs, each one has its professionality. For example, panels allow you quick access to the numbers and quick actions.

Inverter technology in mictrowaves

  • Inverter Technology

This replaces the typical method where the rays intermittently heat food and lead to unevenly cooked food. Inverter technology maintains consistent power levels at lower settings.

Glass door microwave

  • Other Features

This is where the microwave brightens your cooking with creative ideas. Thaw frozen food with the defrost setup, or sear food with grilling and air frying functions to give your dish the final touch.

Microwave oven revolution

The revolution comes when multiple functions gather up in one gadget. Luckily, the microwave oven is the cheerleader in today’s kitchen appliances. 3-in-1 microwave combines oven, griller, and air fryer in a single gadget for effortless, time-saving meals.

The Finishing Design

Glass door microwave

Choose depending on your kitchen style and color schemes, whether it's shiny or matte stainless steel or neutral-colored paint. But make sure your choice also helps you maintain a clean surface. A see-through glass door is also helpful to inspect the food inside without repetitive interruptions.


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