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Periodic Care for Your Washer & Dryer

Follow These Steps for Long-Lasting Machines

Washer and dryer care

Behind the bright shiny clothes are efficientdrying and washing machines. Therefore, it is crucial to give them some care. Whether you wish to keep pace with the shiny clothes, or you think that your machines used to perform better, here are a few tips on how to take care of your washing machine and clothes dryer.

Tips for Your Washing Machine

washing detergent

  • Find The Suitable Detergent

Cleaning products are categorized by the type of washer. This is because each top load and front load washer requires a different amount of residue to wash the laundry perfectly. Use the suitable type to maintain high-quality washes and avoid any damage to your washer in the long term.

water hose

  • Inspect Water Hoses

The better time to check out how the hoses are doing is after a normal laundry. Inspect hot, cold, and drain hoses to find any leak spots. Experts suggest that you replace the hoses once every 3 to 5 years to avoid further problems.

washer filter

  • Clean The Lint Filter

This might be new for some people, but washers have a filter or a couple that catches up fuzz or tiny buttons sometimes. Locate the filter trap in your washer and clean it periodically, and you will be amazed at how the washer retrieves its ability to catch particles from your clothes.

airing the washer

  • Leave The Lid Open

Moisture and remaining soap can grow mold and bad odor. Avoid them by allowing some air circulation in the washing machine after you are done with the laundry.

washer self-clean

  • Run a Self-Wash Round

Some Washing machines have a program to wash the inner drum. If you don’t have this setting in yours, then run up a round with the drum free of laundry and use hot water with a normal amount of detergent. Or you can scrub the drum with soapy water and then set up a rinse cycle with hot water. .


Tips for Your Dryer

dryer filter

  • Clean the Filter

This might be a routine for most of us. You can also give the filter a rinse under runny water then put it back in its place once it dries. Also, you can vacuum the filter trap on low suction settings.

dryer vent duct

  • Clean The Vent Duct

Vented dryers need their vent duct to be cleaned from time to time. If your dryer is a condenser type, then you need to check out the condenser drawer and empty it after each cycle.

drying shoes

  • Don’t Blow Solid Items

You might see through social media that some people wash or dry heavy things like shoes, but we advise you not to follow. Not only it will make a loud noise, but it will damage your machines. From the springs to scratching the inner drum of the dryer which causes rust. Instead of this, spot-clean or hand wash these items.

leveling the washer and the dryer

This step is important for both the washer and the dryer. It probably has been done once the machine is unpacked, but you might need to redo it after a while. Always make sure that your machines are leveled and stay in their place. Level them once you feel unbalanced while working, and make sure that the laundry is not overloaded in it.


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