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Preparing for school as a teacher, and the top 5 gadgets you will need.

Covid 19 has radically changed the educational experience in recent years, making us almost entirely dependent on technology to keep us connected and continue to do business normally.

Even today, the world is still undergoing a phase of transformation, but this time we will take with us what we learned and became accustomed to in the past two years and employ it to make the educational process smoother and more accessible.

In this article we’d like to share some insights to help you utilize your academic skills to rebuild relationships with your students. And in the second section, we’ll provide you with a list of the most important devices and gadgets you’ll need to prepare for school this year. These devices are delivering next-generation capabilities and benefits to teachers all over the world.

How to rebuild your relationships at school and support your students

People adapt in different ways

It’s important to remember that not all your students have gone through the same experience with the pandemic. They went through different coping stages and will probably be at varying levels of adaptation skills. you will have to be patient and keep an open mind about what students have been through and how they will feel in the next period, and the kind of support they might need.

You are part of a team

You might face some challenges that will leave you feeling lost, but remember that teachers in your school، community, and around the world are facing these same challenges, so don’t feel bad about your need for moral support. Taking into account your students’ privacy, you can ask the school leader and other teachers for guidance and share your experience and what you’ll learn with others.

Learning can wait

Students may initially feel that they are not able to learn at the same pace as they used to, try to make room, and give them more time to adapt and discuss what they need to be ready to start learning again. It would be helpful if you could dedicate some time to discuss these things with your students, and develop an appropriate study plan, either in class or separately.

Explain the situation and discuss your expectations

Some students may not be as well-informed on the situation as others; others may have many opinions and questions about the pandemic and the current measures, and how they will affect their education. In which case it would be useful to review and clarify the current situation and discuss what is expected of them to ensure a safe and appropriate environment for all. Balancing academic lessons with creative extracurriculars may also create an opportunity to discuss those ideas and questions in a supportive environment. There are many educational references and materials produced by official bodies such as the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health. Try to keep up with the latest updates and invite them to the discussion.

Acknowledge what happened and identify the bright side.

It’s hard to find a bright side by minimizing the scale of what’s happening, but we can focus on the aspects that helped us overcome the difficulties. Try to discuss with your students how the pandemic had taught us to put our priorities into perspective and realize the need to support each other; how it showed us the importance of communication and making technology work for us in our day-to-day life, and its role in facilitating access to educational resources.

Although many have been eagerly waiting to get back to schools -physically- the recent educational transformation has made us aware of the importance of adopting a system that combines traditional education with the new techniques we’ve been using in virtual education.

Most e-communications such as e-mail and instant messaging, virtual educational systems such as virtual classrooms, homeworks and schedules, educational resources such as e-books, documents and presentations have all became indispensable alternatives to traditional methods in modern education.

So, in this list we’ve gathered the most important and up-to-date devices that will support your work, and make your teaching experience seamless, exciting, and pleasant


Our top back-to-school gear for remote or at-school teaching


Tablets have recently gained popularity among teachers, professors,and academics alike; They are light weight which makes them easier to carry around between classes, and you can choose from their various programs and application to fit your unique teaching style.

What we like about these devices is their versatility compared to their cost. besides work, they can become your creative and entertainment hub. You can download and upload all your academic resources from books, references and presentations and share them anywhere. Some devices include a pen feature in case you missed the feeling of handwriting your notes and drawing on a real blackboard.

That’s why our top pick for teachers this year is the Apple iPad, Apple released a wide range of iPads to choose from according to your needs, but our favorite is Apple Ipad Pro 2021, Wi-Fi, 1TB,11 inch. With it you will get the best out of both worlds, a powerful, portable, and light device for drawing and handwriting, as well as scanning and signing documents; and whenever you fancy it could be modified with a Magic Keyboard and become faster and more capable than a laptop. With Up to 10 hours of battery life and faster Wi-Fi and LTE than ever, you’ll sure have a blast teaching with it.



You may need a more specialized device for specific applications and platforms, but you still want the freedom of carrying it round and the ability to catch up with your work anywhere you go. If this sounds like you, then consider getting a laptop. If you prefer to create presentations or write tests and load and upload many files at once with ease while surfing the internet for resources and materials, then you can pick a device based on your preferred memory,speed, size, or operating system options, such as macOS or Microsoft Windows.

our top recommended laptop that guarantees quality for a competitive price is the Huawei MateBook D 15, Core i5, 15.6 inch, 256GB. It delivers on speed and capacity all in a lightweight sleek design, it also has an HD front camera that is neatly tucked into the keyboard.

Another device we like is the HP Envy, Core i7, 16GB. It is just as powerful, fast, and reliable as a desktop, and was built to last for years. It comes with a built-in HD front camera, and a total capacity of 1 Tera Bite so you’ll never be out of space


Desktop Computers

Maybe you’re looking for flexibility in choosing accessories, prefer a larger screen, or even the possibility of modifying and upgrading your device; Do you prefer to work and teach from your home office? Many of us feel that doing so helps them stay focused and organized. Although desktop computers are not really made to travel with, they make up for it with their power, longevity and flexibility of options. as you can upgrade, adjust, and connect them with all the accessories you could think of. And just like laptops, you can pick a device based on your preferred options, or operating software such as macOS or Microsoft Windows. You can also choose between stand-alone devices to select attachments and accessories separately, or an all-in-one device that is integrated with a screen such as Apple iMac MGTF3 AIO 2021, or HP 24 – dp1002nx AIO with all their accessories already included.


Computer Accessories

Teachers make tremendous efforts to ensure that their voices and displayed images are as clear as possible during class, as they help to grab students’ attention and ensure that the information is well communicated. One of the most common issues that students and teachers faced during virtual classes was the quality of media, including voice and image. If you are one of the teachers who will continue teaching remotely, then we recommend investing in a set of headphones with a microphone, we picked the Sony Dynamic Foldable Headphones MDR-ZX11 since they are light and can be folded to fit in your bag. Or you can opt for a separate microphone like the Vertux, Streamer 2 or the Razer, Seiren Mini Ultra Compact Condenser Microphone instead of using your device’s built-ins, since they will reduce background noise, purify, and increase the quality of your voice significantly.

If you’re going back to teachat school, then you can share your presentations anywhere with aportable projector. Recently, projectors have becomerechargeable, mobile, and a lot smaller in size compared to their predecessors, and you can connect them to almost any device, including smartphones. Our suggestionsare the PHLIGHT YG400 LED Projectorand theDatazone, Home Projector.

If you’re on the hunt for a reliable, wireless, printer that could also scan and copy your quizzes or report sheets, then get the CANON PIXMA TS5140 AIO it’s easy to use, compatible with all devices, and fast compared to other compact all-in-one printers. It is also highly efficient to give you more prints for less ink without compromising on quality.


Wireless boosters or WiFi extenders

If you are struggling to get a decent Wi-Fi signal at a certain spot of your home or office, then you’ll appreciate a Wi-Fi range extender or a WiFi repeater.

Why would you need a WiFi Range Extender?

WiFi Range Extender will push the WiFi connection by receiving the wireless signals from your router and then repeating them through powerful antennas and amplifiers going to the farthest corners of your space, be it a home or an office, reaching tucked away corners and spaces lacking good signal.

What is the difference between a WiFi extender and a WiFi repeater?

A WiFi extender is usually connected through Ethernet with a cord, and extends the network to other areas of your office or house. A WiFi repeater connects to your WiFi network wirelessly and rebroadcasts the signal to a larger area.

We hope that the new school year will bring you new opportunities to shine!

We look forward to serving you at one of our branches or on the website. All the best for our frontline teachers.




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