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Pressure Cooker Tips & Tricks

What you Should or Shouldn't Do

Electric pressure cookers help you provide the most nutritious food in the fastest and easiest way. But surprisingly, some secrets can bring your experience to the ultimate level. Find here a few tips for having the most delicious and effortless meals.

pressure cooker water amount

Use Enough Liquid

Pressure Cookers’ idea is based on pressurizing and steaming liquids, so the meals are cooked out juicy in no time. Therefore, dry food will overcook in the pressure cooker. Add no less than 1 cup of stocks, water, thin sauces, or vegetable juice and you will have a unique flavored dish every time.

storing pressure cooker

Store The Cord Inside the Pot Most pressure cookers’ cords are detachable. This makes it easier to organize and pack the pot in the cupboard. You won’t need to look for the cord all around the next the time you use it.

hot water in the pressure cooker

Use Hot Liquid

We all agree that the pressure cooker reduces cooking time. Surprisingly, adding the boiled water can shorten the time to the absolute. This will help your pot to reach its heat quicker

sauce recipe in the pressure cooker

Thicken The Sauce After Pressurizing Most sauces don’t require much heat or time. Contrarily, overheating might deliver a burnt taste and lumpy texture. Especially if you thicken using flour or dairy. Keep thickening the sauce to the end so you enjoy a flavorful, smooth dish.

diary in the pressure cooker

Don’t Use Diary as Cooking Liquid

Diary will curdle in your meal if you cook with them. Not to mention pressurizing method. The pressure cooker is an enemy to the cheese and yogurt as they require very low heat to be cooked. If you are really into adding milk, then finalize the cooking steps with it. Unless you are making yogurt or cheesecake according to the proper recipe.

depressurizing pressure cooker

Don’t Rush the Lid Off The boiling liquids in the pot might dangerously explode if you don’t depressurize. Wait until all the hot air safely steams out the pressure cooker before you open it up.

transporting pressure cooker while it is turned on

Don’t Move the Pressure Cooker While It Cooks It might sound obvious, but what happens is the cooker unintentionally being moved either by you or anyone else. Always alert people around you that you have a cooking pot in pressurizing mode.

pressure cooker capacity

Don’t Overfill the Pressure Cooker Overfilling will cause a big mess in your kitchen, resulting in poorly cooked food. Instead, use the maximum capacity mark on the pressure cooker’s inner pot to guide you with your limit.


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