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Your Sidekick in Watching World Cup Indoor & Outdoor

laser projector

The seasons that you have been waiting for are finally here. Whether you are excited about the World Cup 2022, or Fifa23, or just want to enjoy winter’s pleasant weather. Bring up all occasions with the projectors. Gather up friends and family under the dark sky and have an ultimate watching experience

laser projector

Theaters and cinemas have reasonable points not to pick TV screens to display movies and shows. Light reflections in projectors develop unlimited creative ideas to enhance the shows. However, we will aim for personal use features:

4k projector

Customizable Size

One TV screen will stay on its size forever, but you have ultimate sizing options with only one projector. Find a suitable size for the place and your companions or have a fixed set-up for the indoor experience

smart projector

Huge Images

The projector develops large, high–end pictures for a maximum number of people. Everyone will be farthest seat from the projector screen is the ultimate, contrarily to the TV experience.

LED projector

Eyes’ Comfort

While televisions originally emit light, projectors reflect it. This is what saves your eyes for the long term. The big picture is a factor as well, so you focus easily and effortlessly.

projector mobile


Whether you are camping with friends or opting out for a hang-out in the backyard, the projectors are easy to carry along. In contrast, leaving a TV outside without proper care won’t be a promising idea.


hologram projector

The Creative

Abilities of Projectors


Projectors today have become more innovative and user-friendly than ever. These are 2 unique features:

Samsung Freestyle

Portable Chargeability & Ceiling Mode

Projectors are going wireless as in Samsung Freestyle. From controlling via your smartphone to a compact rechargeable battery. This becomes handy for outdoor movies and live football matches.

Anker Nebula Mars 2 Pro

Operating Systems & User Interface

You can either choose from the apps list or cast through AirPlay or Cast in this Anker Nebula Mars 2 Pro projector. In addition to multiple other features that give you the ultimate experience

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