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The Best 8 Space-Saving Hacks For Small Kitchens

Organized utensils for a more spacious kitchen

No matter the size, an extraordinary look is always an option with the right tools and design. Thinking big and getting creative means you can make a functional and beautiful kitchen in any space, no matter how minimal it is.

There are lots of ways you can make the most out of the space in your small kitchen. Here, we have listed eight brilliant space-saving hacks for small kitchens.

These small kitchen ideas also can be used in any kitchen, big or small, if you want some additional storage or clever ideas to upgrade your kitchen life.

1. A Wider Countertop Space

When planning a kitchen, there are a few ways to maximize the room on your countertops.

A wider countertop space for a wider kitchen

  • You can put your microwave or combi-oven in a cabinet to free up counter space. Shop microwaves here.

  • Induction hobs are a great option, not just because they’re fast and controllable but also because they are slim and flat and can be used as an extra workspace. Shop built-in here.

2. Top Boxes

Top boxes for more storage

To adds more storage, top boxes are additional upper cabinets that are (typically) a little bit smaller than your existing cabinets. Top boxes are a genius way to make the most of your kitchen’s extra ceiling height if you have it.

You can install the top boxes while renewing your kitchen design or even add them to your kitchen to make more storage.

They might not be the best for frequently used stuff because they will be a little more difficult to access. Still, they work excellent for waffle makers, holiday decorations, and other items you occasionally use.

Wall cabinets for more storage

If you’re starting afresh, Consider buying extra tall wall cabinets if you’re starting from scratch, whether you choose this option or go with a custom design.

3. Internal Drawers

Drawers in drawers!

Sectioned drawers for organized space

Kitchens often have large drawers that can be filled with bulky pans, but this also means a lot of leftover room could be put to better use. An internal drawer can be installed and fit in this empty space to store slimmer items, like lids, trays, and other kitchen tools. It’s concealed and hidden inside the main drawer, making it a great way to maximize unused space.

4. Storage Solutions

Cupboards are a great spacing hack

Finding storage ideas for small kitchens can be difficult. However, cupboards can become more functional and organized with the right product.

Pull-out wirework or corner storage systems can make the most of awkward spaces by utilizing every inch of space.

These systems are ideal for small kitchens with tight corners and can help create a more organized and valuable space.

5. Pull Out Larders

Available in various widths and heights, you can always find one that will fit your open space. They are handy with narrower cabinets.

Pullout larders to save space

6. Door Racks

Door racks for a spacious kitchen

Adding shelves inside particular cupboard doors is a great way to maximize the available space. It is possible to install racks on the back of the main kitchen door, further increasing the storage capacity in a smaller kitchen.

7. The Lower Drawer

In most kitchens, there is a gap between the floor and the cupboard base, which is referred to as skirting or kickboard and can be between 8 and 15cm in height.

This area is usually unused, but plinth drawers can be installed to make the most of it by creating a slim drawer that fits between the supporting legs.

Extra drawers for extra storage space

8. Hanging Racks

Hanging racks to save more space

You can have an organized modern kitchen, and at the same time, maximizing the space in tiny kitchens is possible by making use of the area between the countertop and the wall cupboards.

Place the shorter glasses on the shelf and hang the juice glasses above them or under the wall cupboards to use the otherwise useless dead zone. This is an effective way to make the most of the area available.

Congratulations, you now have an efficient refined taste kitchen.

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