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The Best Sound System for Your Home.

home Theater
Televisions have never been better with today’s technology. But the experience will reach the limit with a home theater system that makes you live in the moment. We will help you in this buying guide to picking your home theater among the various prices and features in the market.

Start with a Few Measurements

Room's Dimensions for sound systems

Room’s Dimensions

An individual soundbar suits small & medium rooms, While big rooms might need a subwoofer beside the soundbar or even a home theater.

TV size with home theater

TV Size

Choose a TV that fits in your room and is distant enough from your seat, then build up your sound system accordingly.

What’s The Experience You’re Looking For?

Whether you aim for an immersive gaming session, a live football match, audio content, or a cinematic movie show, there is something that completes your passion. Check this video to choose the suitable sound system for your experience.

Types of Sound Systems

Home theater as a type of sound system

Home Theater

Soundbar as a type of sound system


Speaker as a type of sound system


How to buy a speaker


They are also known as “box parties” or “party speakers”. Typically, they come with a set of knobs and hard buttons for quick access to the setting and the playlist. You can also plug them into your TV and enjoy a vibrant sound for your movie nights, sports matches, or even gaming sessions. Here are the features that you need to look for:

Built-in subwoofers

Built-in subwoofers

For a minimal but efficient sound kit.

LED lights speakers

LED lights

For more party vibes and gaming interactions.

Portable speaker


Strong handles or small wheels will do the job.

rechargeable speaker


Go cordless by looking for one with a rechargeable battery.

How to buy a soundbar


Either if you love watching movies, matches, or gaming. The soundbar will amaze you with the way it completes your entertainment setup. You can choose the one that suits the place and your budget. These are the sets that you can find:

Soundbar with a subwoofer

Soundbar & Subwoofer

If you like action movies or vibrant music.


Single Soundbar

Good for small places and a decent watching experience.

Soundbar, subwoofer & 2 channels

Soundbar, subwoofer & 2 channels

For an extremely immersive experience.

Soundbar & 2 channels

Soundbar & 2 channels

For a surrounding sound experience with the addition of the rear speakers.

How to buy a Home Theater

Home Theater

This is the ultimate option when it comes to a cinematic sound experience. It works best for big rooms or open areas. The channels that are all around will give you a perfect surrounding sound and will put you in the action.

How to place home theater at home

Features That You Should Look For

Sound system watts

The Power of Watts

It is crucial to balance between a powerful and bill-friendly device, by picking a sound system with reasonable watts. Keep in mind to avoid electricity problems by distributing the appliances around the room’s electrical plugs.

Speakers dimensions


Your place will look elegant if you balance the soundbar, the floor stand bar, and the TV’s dimensions. However, that has nothing to do with the performance. Just make sure that the soundbar won’t block your sight or remote-control signals.

speaker with controller


It will be fascinating if you control all your devices with one remote controller. Just find compatible TV and audio system brands or match them up. Such as this LG Home Theater.

Home theater ports


Connecting your devices will be easier if you have a brand-new screen with recent technologies. If you decide to connect your devices cordless (via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth), then you might notice some delay in the sound. Fortunately, you can fix the issue by adjusting the setup. Also, make sure that you have a bunch of ports that are enough to cover up all your aimed connecting devices. Look at this table to identify and locate the ports:







Input Only




USB sound system



Input / Output



Output Only

Also, make sure to use an ARC port when you connect your TV so the commands can go back and forth directly between the sound system and the controller.

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