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The Best Tips to Organize Your Refrigerators

Tips to organize your fridge - enjoy an organized refrigerator with extra blog

The refrigerator is the most attractive part of the kitchen; we visit it often whenever we feel hungry, bored, or just randomly passing by it. But as times get busy, and the fridge is left unchecked, we can forget about food until it expires or until leftovers add up, leaving a refrigerator that’s tough to navigate.

And that’s why eXtra blog is here today to help you keep your refrigerator organized.

Before deciding where to the items, you need to know that the temperature differs based on the shelf and the section in your fridge.

Upper Shelves

Organize your fridge upper shelves with the right items.

The upper shelves are the warmest, which makes them the best place for; precooked food and leftovers, dairy products, especially yogurts and hard cheese, eggs, snacks for your children to make them accessible and at reach, and bread.

Lower Shelves

Organize your fridge lower shelves with the right items.

As you go down, the fridge temperature decreases; that’s why if your fridge doesn’t come with drawers for meats and food that need a low temperature, you better consider keeping a place for them on the lower shelves along with the seafood, fruits, and vegetables.

And for the biggest secret that proves our lives have been a lie, the milk should be kept on the lower shelves in the fridge, not in the door, as the door is the warmest place among the whole refrigerator and milk needs to be kept in cold temperature.

Fridge Drawers

Organize your fridge drawers with the right items.

In the case of specially featured drawers for meat and poultry, fruits, and veggies, always make sure to use them for their purpose in the right way. This will help the food last longer and be in a fresh condition.

Organize your fridge door with the right items.

Fridge Doors

Every time you pass by the refrigerator and decide to look at it with every door open, a heated strike hits the products stored in the door, which is precisely why the door is the warmest place in the fridge.

This also makes it the best place for items typically with high sugar or vinegar naturally preserving long-life content, such as cold drinks, water, juice, jams, chutneys, syrups, and pickles.

After you store everything in the correct place, time for eXtra products that will help you organize your refrigerator.

Fridge organizer bins - extra egypt blog

Organizer bins: see-through organizer bins are always an excellent choice to ease the accessibility and organize your fridge.

Airtight Food Storage Bin Boxes: can be used as semi-permanent bins that you leave in the fridge and where, say, you always stash one category of food like cheeses, and you can also fill them with leftovers

Lazy Susan: no more forgetting about the items in the back of the refrigerator. A turntable lazy susan is the best solution for reaching whatever big, small front or back of the fridge.

Enjoy your organized fridge, and follow eXtra blog for more tips.

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