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Heater's Buying Guide

For a Warmer Winter

How to buy a heater

In this cold season, heaters are a must. Here, we take you through the top electric heaters you find in the market and the features of each so you can choose the most suitable one for you.

Oil Heater

1- Oil Heater

Capability unit:

No. of fins.

Oil-filled radiators or column heaters don’t involve any burning to produce heat. Rather, they use oil as a heat converter. They are recognizable for their distinctive shape resembling separated vertebrae, each called a "fin,". The more fins, the larger the area they cover. Oil is effective in transferring heat and does not cool down easily. Some oil heater models distribute the warmth

using a compact fan.

Oil Heater Pros
  • High safety level.

  • Keep the heat for a longer time competitively.

  • Won’t consume oxygen or humidity to heat up.

  • Relatively quiet, making it suitable overnight.

  • Classic design that matches home decor.

Ceramic Heater

Capability unit:


Heat is originally generated from coil and metal plates, allowing quickly warm up the room. They are typically light and compact, which makes them suitable for home and office.

Ceramic Heater Pros
  • High safety level.

  • High efficiency as they heat up quickly.

  • Additional features for some models:

Heater on off switch

Heater Touch Sensor

Heater Temperature Sensor

Switch-off Timer

Touch Sensor

Switch-off Temperature Sensor

Heater Control Settings

Digital Display Heater

Remote Control Heater

Heat & Fan Control Settings

Digital Display

Remote Control

Quartz Heater, Halogen Heater

3- Quartz & Halogen Heaters

Capability unit:


Or radiant heaters, use compressed halogen to generate heat, thereby it won’t require heat-conductive metals. Halogen heaters cover open spaces and outdoor areas effectively. Some models come with a compact fan to distribute the heat further, and they all operate effectively.

Quartz Heater Pros
  • Eco-friendly as it won’t involve burnt oxygen or fuel.

  • Balanced heat distribution across space.

  • Cost-friendly whether in buying or maintaining.

  • Warms up the place in no time.

  • Comes in lightweight and compact sizes.

  • Additional features for some models: Automatic Thermal switch-off.

Fan Heater

This is the recent revolution in the heaters market. Not only they are capable of heating quickly and efficiently, but they often come with other features like cooling and air purification from allergens and diseases.

Fan Heaters Pros
  • High safety level.

  • Warms up the place in no time.

  • Adjustable temperature.

  • Multi-usability for seasons all around the year.

  • Vary in sizes with a sleek design that blends with the home decor.

Cautions & Tips When Buying & Using Heaters
  • Aim for heaters qualified with the standards and safety rules of Saudi Arabia.

  • Purchase a well-known brand from a reliable source.

  • Follow general safety instructions and read the user manual.

  • Do not block the heating vents in any way, and allow a safe distance from walls, furniture, and fabrics.

  • Ensure adult supervision when the heater is in use.

  • Use the heater only for their purpose, as they are not designed for drying or cooking.


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