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Thinking About Reorganizing Your TV Room?

Read These Tips First

Renovate TV Room

Whether you recently moved to a new house, or you like to rearrange the place from time to time, there is a big question regarding where and how to place your TV. In this blog, we will take you through the things you need to take care of when you set up your TV room.

distance from the screen

Where to Place The TV?

4K TVs today are trying to give you the best view regardless of how close you set to the screen. This can give you an immersive experience, but it doesn’t mean that you must do so. Here are the main things that you need to consider when placing your TV:

The Distance Between You & The Screen: We all agree that setting too close to the screen will result in health complications regarding your sight and back. Instead, get decent spacing from the screen and you will have the chance to enjoy a full view. Here are suggestions for the best distance according to your TV size:

how far to set from the screen

How Far from The Floor: The best height measurement is 1.2 meters. Just make sure that the screen is on the level of your sight to avoid back and neck pain while watching.

Electricity: If you wish for a clean look from the outside and organized cords from the inside, then you should pick the closest wall to the power outlets. If you have another plan, you should invest in good extensions and cords organizers for a clean and safe look.

Avoid Windows as much as you can: You will be annoyed by the direct sunlight reflected on your monitor. Find the perfect spot for the TV and make sure to get blackout curtains for a better experience.

TV Table

Need a Table?

The quickest way to set up your TV is to place it on a table. This way, you won’t need to drill on your wall or mount any brackets. The drawers and shelves in the table will store all the accessories like the TV box or the gaming console well.

But there is something special about the display fitted on the wall surrounded by decorations,

lights, and shelves. Choose a tilted or motion mount for quick access to the cables on the back.

TV Cables

What about The Cables?

There are a lot of ideas on the internet for hiding cords and cables. You can also go with wireless accessories like a Bluetooth sound system.

Lazy Boy

Sofa or Recliner?

You will need a big, cozy sofa if you aim for friends and family movie nights, while a single recliner is the best for individual gaming sessions.

Black Light

Level It Up with The Lighting

Smart lights and lighting strip here and there will give you a professional setup. There is a wide variety of lighting ideas in the market. Place them near the sound speakers to have simultaneous, immersive interactions.


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