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Travel Light & Smart

With These Packing Tips

There is nothing as joyful as traveling. But when it comes to packing, the frustration comes along. We can help you by providing a few tips to make packing fun and effortless.

Make a Checklist

It is important to list the travel essentials, from clothing to toothbrushes. Just write down all the items on paper or your phone so you can revert to them at any time.

It is not about how strong your memory is, but the process of packing, while you move around the house, will end up missing some necessities. Use a packing list instead, and you will be able to pause and continue at any time until your trip day. Keep a copy of the travel checklist so you can reuse it packing up on your return or your future trips.

Pack Smart

Choose luggage with a suitable size. The oversized bag will seem too empty, which traps you to fill it with unnecessary stuff. The vise versa for the too-small luggage. If you travel by airplane, mind the allowed weight limit for each passenger for both carry-on and checked bags.

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More Tips to Help You Pack

Choose the luggage size depending on the number of accommodation days.

Choose clothing sets that you can mix and match. This gives you more outfit variety with fewer pieces.

Pick one pair of shoes that matches all your clothing sets. Slip-on shoes will make you breeze through security checkpoints

If you rely on hotels’ laundry services or you are going to reach a washing machine in your destination, then you can massively shorten your packed clothes.

For those who are traveling a cold distance: wear your bulky clothes instead of packing them. This tip will help you save some space in your luggage for something else.


Snap Your Clothing Sets

Take a selfie while you wear the outfit. Or just snap a picture of them unfolded on the bed. Not only that it is going to help you remember the reason you brought a certain piece, but you will find yourself faster at getting ready for tours. It is also a brilliant idea if you are packing for someone else like a spouse or a sibling.

Keep a Cloud Copy of your Documents

No one wants to lose their valuables or got them stolen. However, keeping a digital copy of your travel documents will reduce the loss. Snap a picture of your passport, visa, IDs, tickets, and trip itinerary. This will make them easy to access, and you won’t be overwhelmed by carrying them with you everywhere.

Packing Do’s & Don’t

  • Bring enough medication if you use any.

  • ​Pack enormous quantities of toiletries.

  • ​ Roll your clothes instead of folding them to avoid wrinkles.

  • ​Pack money, credit cards, or important documents in checked baggage.

  • ​Pack for the weather.

  • Take expensive or worthy valuables with you. Losing them won’t be fun.

  • ​Bring multiple items. Bring only a pair of sunglasses, a pair of shoes, and a jacket.

Picture your Happy Memories

Among all the happy times you spend traveling, the precious memories in travel pictures last. Don’t forget to take some vacation photos with your phone or camera, so you can share them with your beloved ones or go back to them occasionally.

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