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Your Guide to The Best Coffee Maker

It is quite amazing how we can have a wide variety of drinks with coffee beans as a single ingredient. Despite our age and our interests, we all agree that morning coffee highlights our day. The following are the details you need to consider when buying a coffee maker.

Types of Coffee Makers

Saudi Coffee

Fully Automatic

Turkish Coffee

Drip Coffee

Capsule Machine

Espresso Maker

General Features You Should Consider

The Number of watts

It decides how powerful the appliance is. The higher the number of watts is, the faster it would heat water and brew the coffee.

Water Container Capacity

Find how many liters the water container can hold. This helps you estimate the number of cups you can serve at once.

Maker’s dimensions

Make sure that the coffee maker you choose will fit on your kitchen counter or in your work office.

Fully Automatic Machine

It is also called the “Bean to Cup Machine” since it can take care of the complete process. Just fill it up with water and beans, adjust the setting to your preference, and enjoy your best coffee cup within minutes.

Look for These Features

Milk Frothing

Choose whether to froth separately or buy a machine with a compact frother.

BAR Pressure

(From 6 to 19 BAR)

Low BAR gives light coffee, high gives sour coffee.

Beas Containers

To figure out how many beans the container keeps.

Grinding Levels

Espresso needs fine ground coffee.

Self - Cleaning

To save your time and effort.

When it comes to coffee, some people love drinking it, others enjoy making it. Espresso machines are good for those who love making coffee. Grind your own or buy it ground, tamp it in the portafilter, set it in its place, adjust the settings then let the machine brew.

Look for These Features

The compact Coffee Grinder

To discard coffee directly into the portafilter.

Water Container

Choose what suits you best:

fixed or detachable.

Filter Basket

(in grams) Helpful to adjust the number of shots per brew.

Portafilter Arm Size

(In Ml.) Helpful when you look for compatible accessories.

Drip Coffee Maker

The conical shape filter highlights these types of coffee makers, it helps to drip coffee during brewing. There are a lot of drip coffee tools and utensils on the market, but how about a machine that saves your effort?

Look for These Features

Keep Warm Mode

To discard coffee directly into the portafilter.

Brewing Settings

Choose a machine with a suitable brewing range (light – gold – bold).

Drip - Lock

Auto-lock, or manual.


Glass: easy to clean.

Metal: Durable & stays warm for a long time.

Coffee Grinder

Once you start grinding your coffee, you will never go back to the ground coffee. You won’t pass the fresh coffee and the beautiful aroma.

Grinders Quick Guide

Grinding Method


  • Smashing the beans.

  • Adjustable grindings.

  • Good for drip coffee.


  • Cutting the beans.

  • Budget-friendly.

  • Good for Saudi coffee.

Inner Burr Shape


  • Slightly Faster.

  • Choose a grinder with a dispatching technique.


  • Quieter Engine.

  • Won't cause coffee oxidation due to heating.

Grinder Material


  • Longer life-span.

  • Good for espresso grind.


  • High-quality grind.

  • Grinds a moderate amount of coffee.

Capsule Machine

Brewing coffee from capsules doesn’t require a lot of effort. They suit all ages of users; they need minimal process and time. The capsules come in sorted tastes so you can pick what you like. Some types have few buttons to control while others expand into quite a few.

Look for These Features

Cup Gap Space

Ensure that your favorite cup fits under the pump.

Hot or Cold Brew?

You can have a cold-brewed right away In some designs.


Choose between a machine with a compact frother or a separate one.


Make sure to buy compatible capsules.

Saudi Coffee Makers

Nothing is as fast and easy as preparing Saudi coffee in a maker. You will have the perfect and effortless taste every single time.

Look for These Features

Keep-Warm Mode

To keep coffee warm for a longer time.

Capacity in Liters

(0.5 Liter) for individual use.

(7 Liters) for big events.

In our culture, date, and coffee are the signatures of hospitality. To host people at big events like weddings and conferences, Deem Guests your right hand since it prepares Saudi coffee in bulk quickly and easily.

Turkish Coffee Makers

Turkish coffee has a unique taste. However, it requires small techniques to make it the original way with crema and a face. This is where it becomes handy to make it in a Turkish coffee maker. You will have the perfect Turkish coffee every time without spoiling a drop!

Look for These Features


Some Machines are timed out to shut off for safety.

Ready to Serve Alarms

With a soft peep or light indicators.

Capacity in Cups

Varies between 2 – 4 small cups.

Coffee Roaster

Making coffee from scratch helps you customize the taste of your coffee to the limits. In addition, no words can explain the smell of fresh coffee beans that are waiting to roast.

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