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Your Hairstyling Guide with BaByliss

BaByliss Styling Guide
BaByliss has been passionate about bringing out the best hair products for over 60 years. They provide beauty into your world and work hard to bring you what suits your hair the best. In this buying guide, we will take you through your hair care routine and expert hairstyling process using the best hairdressing products by BaByliss. Starting from drying your hair and then moving to styling it.

Hairstyling products differ in prices, styling results, and ergonomics according to:

Dryer watts

The device’s watt power.

Dryers Heat Level

The number of speed and heat levels.

Dryer Length of Cord

Length of the cord and ability to swivel, make sure that you can stand comfortably at the mirror while the appliance is plugged into the nearest power source. Or find a rechargeable option.

Dryer Accessories

Any additional accessories and features that highlight the device version among other ones.

Ceramic Hair Care Products

Type of the plate used for heating and styling; ceramic helps to reduce the time that hair is exposed to heat yet reduces hair damage in the long term. There are a lot of ceramic types in hairdressers. Find general differences below.

Types of Ceramic Used in Hairdressers

Titanium - Ceramic

Nano - Quartz & Quartz Ceramic

Diamond - Ceramic

Tourmaline - Ceramic


Hair Appliance Pros and Cons

Hair Appliance Pros and Cons

Hair Appliance Pros and Cons

Smooth plates for more hair gliding

Hair Appliance Pros and Cons

Hair Appliance Pros and Cons

Hair Appliance Pros and Cons

Hair Appliance Pros and Cons

Shiny hair results

Very thick hair

Medium coarse hair

Medium coarse hair

Medium hair

Fine hair

Hair naturality

Salons choice

Gentle with damaged hair

Additional Features

Ionic Control to Treat Frizzy Hair

Frizzy Hair is a frequent problem that happens for all hair types, while the new hairstyling appliances come with a simple technique where the hair appliance provides a negative ionic charge that contracts with the positive ionic charges in your hair. This process doesn’t only prevent hair from frizz, it also helps to dry out your hair quickly and reduces hair damage from roots to ends.

BaByliss Buying Guide

How Do You style your hair?

Pick the right hair appliance for your hairstyle The daily hairstyles usually require a quick blow, while night-out styles need more straightening and curling.

BaByliss Blow Dryer

Just a Blow-Dry?

Blow dryers are the experts' choice since they work excellently for all hair types. Get one so you have skillful hairstyles. Use a round brush that matches your hair size and handgrip. Blow dryers that come with multi-speed options and a cooling button are beneficial as they provide you with the best styling results.

Italian Blow Dryers

Italian Hair Care

There is something that makes Italian hair stylers on top, They are high-end products that last for a long time which makes them the salon’s first choice. Italian-made hairdryers typically come with an AC motor (Alternating Current) that makes them bigger, heavier, and more powerful airflow.

Blow Dryer Acceossies

Blow Dryer Accessories

Condenser Nozzle

This is the basic nozzle that comes with most blow dryers They vary in length measurements and help to direct hot air to the desired spot and bring fast and efficient results.

Diffuser attachment

If you would like to style your curly hair for a daily look, then you can Try this accessory with your blow dryer.

Straightener Hair Brush

Smoothing Heated Brush

The airbrush dryer can function exactly like the blow dryer, but with a more compact daily use, since the brush is attached to the dryer making it both portable and easy to handle, Instead of getting both hands busy with the dryer gun and round brush, Hold the airbrush dryer with one hand and your other hand will be free to hold hair strands.

Babyliss Hair Iron

Straightening Your Hair?

Use the hair straightener to take your look to the next level, With shiny smooth hair strands you will look ready for night outs and special occasions.

Mind the Following when you buy a straightener

Iron Size

The size

The width, and thickness of the straightener for easy packing and to determine the volume of the waves on your strands.

Blow Dryer Brush

Small combs on the side

to smooth hair and evenly spread heat on the strands.

Hair Care Appliances

Steaming function

For perfect, smooth, natural shine.

Curly Hair Care

How About Some Curls?

Curling Hair Wand Size

The curling wand helps you to volume up your style. You can have limitless results with a variety of wand sizes, shapes, and designs. Choose a thinner wand for small curls and a bigger wand for large bouncy waves. You can also get one appliance that gathers multi-accessories to have countless hairstyles.

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