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Knead it With Love

Choose the Right Mixer for You 

Stand Mixer
The stand mixer is like your third hand in the kitchen. It can handle working for a long time no matter how thick and sticky the batter is, giving you the best result every single time. If you are a pastry chef, then you need a solid stand mixer to bring up your meals. Below, we highlight the features you should take care of when you choose one. 

Pick a Brand  

Stand mixers brands are countless in the market. Each brand produces several lines to suit all needs, from the essential mixers for pastries to high-tech stand mixers. Below is a briefing about the most famous brands and what generally honors them. 

  • High performance 

  • Vintage designs 

  • Long experience in the market 

  • Wide Variety of Product lines 

  • High-end appliances 

  • Affordable prices  

  • Compact size 

  • Affordable Prices 

Mixer for Bakeries

Features to Consider 

Mixers wattage

The Appliance’s Power 

Usually, a high number of watts gives a powerful mixer. 

Mixer size

Mixer’s Weight & Size 

Stability is a necessity in the stand mixers. For your safety, make sure to choose a stable mixer by looking at enough heaviness on the appliance. Also, look for dimensions that fit your counter space perfectly. 

Mixer Size

Bowl’s Size 

On average, small mixers can handle a 3-liter bowl. They are suitable for light to medium use like cake batter. On the other hand, large mixers can handle up to 6.7 liters. These can easily bear heavy, sticky, and high-in-gluten dough. 

Mixer with Scale


It either comes as a separate attachment or as a compact so you can scale the ingredients while the bowl and the mixer are set up. 

Mixer with digital control

Digital Control 

Digital mixers come with highly equipped materials. Even Average watts digital mixers can perform better than the other regular mixers. 

Stand Mixer Self proofing


Some mixers heat the bowl to 285ْ, which helps you proof the dough or cook food while it is stirred. 

Mixer speed levels

Speed Levels 

Low-speed levels help mix dry ingredients and heavy batter, while high-speed levels help whip creams and meringue. 


Splash Guard or bowl lid 

It is crucial to place the splash guard to keep flour and splashes inside the bowl. The lid can also help to pour the ingredients without the need to pause. Check out Ariete Vintage Mixer, one of the stand mixers that comes with a splash guard in addition to the essential baking accessories. 

Mixer Splash guard level

Mixer Accessories


The flat beater, the wire whip, and the dough hook are the 3 basic accessories for the stand mixer. Mixers are designed for pastries and cakes. But you can utilize them even further with the additional accessories. Some of them come with cutting and grinding accessories. Find below the accessories that may come with the mixers and the use of each one: 

Silicon-coated Beater 

Silicon-coated Beater 

Same as a flat batter with + the ability to scrape down the batter 

Dough Hook 

Dough Hook 

For dough, heavy & sticky batter 

Wire Whip 

Wire Whip 

For cream, Meringue & light batter 

Flat Beater 

Flat Beater 

For cake batter 



For Smoothies. 

Potato Peeler 

Potato Peeler 

To peel the small potatoes 

Pasta Set 

Pasta Set 

To roll homemade pasta 

Food Processor 

Food Processor 

To prepare sauces & finely chop veggies 


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