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Samsung S24 Series & a New Era in the AI

Galaxy AI
Samsung has finally unveiled the future of technology with its new series of smart Samsung phones. This series boasts many features and innovations, in collaboration with Google search, to redefine photo capturing, editing, instant translation, and summarizing notes and meetings. There's much to discuss regarding the Galaxy S24 phone series in this blog post as we discover Samsung's latest transformation journey from its recent launch event. 

Circle to search

Circle to Search

In everyday life, you often come across things you wonder about but don't know the right words to search for, like a peculiar decor piece or a pet you see for the first time. Here comes the 'Circle to Search' feature as a new and fun search method. There's no need to capture the screen or save the image in your gallery; circle the item you want to search for with your finger or the S Pen, and the search results will appear instantly. You can search for anything you come by, whether in video clips, social media posts, or anywhere else and then easily

explore where to find such products and for how much. 

Find this video that explains how to benefit from the Circle to Search feature. 

Live Translate

Live Translation& Task Arrangements  

The new system can perform direct and live translation of messages and calls using the “Live translate” feature. No need to jump between apps, as it translates for both parties. In addition, the Galaxy AI is used in recording meetings, summarizing them in points, and the ability to share them with others, either as they are or by summarizing specific points. This leads us to organize and summarize the notes you write, no matter how slanted or random the handwriting, Samsung will help you organize all your thoughts with a single finger tap. 

Watch a quick review of the new features in the Samsung S24 series 

Galaxy AI

Photography with Galaxy AI 

The great zooming technology unleashes great capabilities in Galaxy phones. Samsung S24 Ultra can zoom in up to 100× times without affecting the image quality, thanks to the smart sensors and the internal specifications of memory and processors that support AI in capturing photos. Then we come to photo editing, which leaves no room for any problems in the images. You can now enhance the accuracy of images using AI and enhance the beauty of the picture, using Generative Edit or Smart Filling, which allows you to remove an unwanted element in the shot and fill its place with smart background filling. 

Samsung Titanium

Samsung Galaxy in Titanium  

For The First Time Ever!  

Samsung uses titanium for the first time in the body’s design, giving it durability and a premium finish at the same time. Samsung also clarified its sustainable choices, between recycled materials and batteries supplied with up to 50% recycled cobalt, offering them perfect quality that ensures efficient use amidst environmentally friendly options. 

Samsung Ring

Samsung concluded the conference by unveiling a first glimpse of the Samsung smart ring. This came after a report on Samsung's capabilities that enhance users' wellness behaviors, such as health status tracking and alerts that enhance users' health performance. While Samsung has not yet announced any other details like the ring's launch date or features and specifications, it only showed the external design in the last seconds of the live conference broadcast. 


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