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Choose The Ideal Mobile Phone For a Better Daily Life

Mobile phones nowadays are life essentials. From oldest to youngest people, you would rarely find someone who doesn't have a mobile phone or even smartphone due to the variety and repletion of the prices, features, and brands in the market.

Operating system

Are you an IOS fan or an Android fan?



Exclusively used by Apple to power their iPhones.

Used by most brands such as Samsung, Google, Nokia, etc.

Pre-installed apps such as Apple Maps, Apple Music, FaceTime, Safari, and more.

Pre-installed apps such as Google Maps, Google Chrome, Google Drive, YouTube, Google Docs, and more.

App store: Over 1m downloadable apps.

Google Play Store: Over 1m downloadable apps.

Easy sync with other Apple devices (iPad, Apple Watch, Apple Mac, and Apple TV)

Easy sync with other devices such as Android tablets and Google smart tech.

Siri voice assistant

Google voice assistant.

Limited Customization

Highly Open for Customization.

If you love to re-live moments and memories, you need to capture them well; for that, you'd need a good camera.


A megapixel is a unit of image measurement. A pixel is the smallest unit of a digital image. Multiple pixels come together to form an image, a video, or anything you see on a computer display. A megapixel is important to take a large image-print or crop an image without compromising image quality.

So the higher the megapixel, the better the camera for large photos, but the camera quality of a phone may be better if you check the sensor quality, lens quality, and the ability to take great pictures in lower light.

Ultra-Wide-Angle Lens, It's ideal for landscape and cityscape photography since it covers more expansive scenes.

Mobile camera megapixle - wide angle lens

4K @ 60FPS is perfect for vloggers as it can provide a smooth recording and 4k video resolution.

Low Light mode or Night mode, in the dark, it's difficult for a regular camera to capture details and colors. To take lovely photos in the dark, the image sensor and the aperture are essential. A larger

Mobile camera options - night mode - shop from extra Egypt

image sensor captures more light, making your photos sharper and more colorful. Because there's little light, taking a night photo takes a little longer. If your device has image stabilization, your night photo will stay focused if you move your device slightly.

Screen Size

The screen size is a primary element to be considered when buying a smartphone, and it comes in different sizes to fit all tastes and needs.

4-5 inches are small phones for primary usage and light social media surfing.

Mobile screen size 4 - 5 inches

5-6 inches are convenient if you're a heavy web browser or social media user.

Mobile screen size 5 - 6 inches

6 inches and above are the best for movie lovers, gamers, e-readers, and people who spend the whole night watching long youtube videos until they fall asleep.

Mobile screen size  6 inches

Don't let low rams affect your experience

If you're a gamer, or you use many apps simultaneously, and you want your phone to stay on track, here comes the RAM role.

RAM (Random access memory) is the part of the phone where the Operating System, apps, and data currently in use are stored. So the higher the RAMs, the faster the mobile.

Up to 4 GB

Best suited for calling, basic web browsing, and light social media usage.

4 - 6 GB

Best suited for frequent web browsing, mailing, social media usage, and basic gaming.

6 - 8 GB

Best suited for heavy video watching, gaming, and e-reading.

8 - 10 GB

Best suited for heavy gaming, split-screen work, and video editing.

10 - 12 GB

Best suited for heavy video watching, gaming, video editing, and split-screen work.

Battery Life

On average, a smartphone has a battery capacity of about 4500mAh, which can last the whole day without needing to charge.

Battery Lifespan, The battery will wear over the years. As a result, the battery capacity decreases. This means the battery will store less energy, so you'll have to charge your smartphone more often. You can't prevent this wear, but you can minimize it. Especially the way you charge your smartphone is essential for this. For example, always use the original chargers and never charge your device for an entire day.

Battery life Android smartphones

Battery capacity

Battery life

Up to 4200mAh

You need to charge your smartphone during the day.

4200 - 4500mAh

When you leave the house in the morning with a fully-charged battery, you'll only have to charge it again at night.

4500 - 4800mAh

You won't have to charge the battery throughout the day.

4800mAh and more

The battery lasts longer than a day.

Phone Storage

Phone storage is the space on your phone to store your data, such as apps, photos, videos, files, etc.

Is 128GB enough for a phone?

If you're not a heavy user and have little to save, the 64GB phone memory is enough, although many prefer to choose between 128GB and 256 GB. Those who use their mobile phone to the absolute maximum should consider phones with 512GB and 1TB storage to avoid running out of storage space and suffering from a slow phone speed.

A 128GB smartphone, on average, can store

• 900 photos

• 60 minutes of UHD video

• 1,000 songs

• 100+ apps and games

• 20 movies

Now, as you’re ready to buy your phone, click the button and visit eXtra website to get to see the best options for you.

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