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What You Need to Know About EER Card.

What does EER Card Mean
When it comes to white goods, the endless options in the market lead to confusion. Between features, well-known brands, and quality, which all drive endless options. This is where Saudi Standards, Metrology, and Quality Organization has regulated the Energy Efficiency Ratio card as a tool to help consumers make the right purchase decision for them. Here's more on the energy efficiency card.

How to read EER card?

EER Concept

Initially, it is an informative card with the appliance’s specifications. You can easily compare it with similar appliances and classify them according to energy consumption. It is effective with air conditioners, washing machines, and even cars. This is effective in setting up clear standards for annual electricity, water, and gas consumption depending on the product.

Why EER card?

How EER is Beneficial?

It would be easier if you broke down the card. There are some slight differences depending on the type of the appliance. For example, an AC EER card provides details about the cooling capacity and annual discharge of air conditioners, while washing machines highlight the annual water consumption. These kinds of details are crucial to making your decision between 2 or 3 options, so you rely on reasonable factors for your purchase.

Decode EER Card

Find all the information you are looking for with a glance. The energy efficiency level part (color graded) indicates how extent the device can save energy when it operates, whether it's electricity, water, gas, or others... Products with a level (A), for example, are the most efficient, while products with a level (W) or (Z) will be less efficient.

Raise the quality with EER Card

Efficiency Card & Quality Level

EER cards – from the Saudi Standards Organization’s perspective – aim to be confined to helping the consumer in making the decision. Furthermore, it raises the level of competition among brands and manufacturers. This all helps uplift the level of quality of the products offered in the market and enhances customer confidence in the products.


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