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Why The Watt is Important in Electric Appliances?

Learn More About Watts, Voltage, Amps & Hertz in Appliances Features.

Why watt is important?

Let’s say that you are buying a kettle. Some of your friends have recommended a certain brand. You went confidently to the store only to stumble over the unlimited options on the shelf. You ask a customer service representative to help you but end up with more complicity with numbers that look random to you.
Cut through all of this by learning about watts, and a bunch of other numbers that will make electronic shopping easier for you

What is Watt?

Watt is the unit used to quantify the rate of energy transfer into different forms. It is typically used to identify the power of most small appliances. You can find devices with 1 watt as in light bulbs, to 4000 watts as in clothes dryers. It even might exceed that.

Are High Watts Always the Best?

Not necessarily, in a perfect world: 2 exact light bulbs that replicate each other in all features but one of them is higher in watts, will make the higher one brighter. But the reality is that light bulbs already have a measurement unit called (Lumen), and more numbers vary in the appliances like the voltage, current, and more details.

Always remember that more watts mean more electricity withdrawal and higher cost of electric bills.

Other Important Numbers

Despite the features that attract you to a device, Certain numbers make your decision and control your bills as well. Sometimes it is just cooling BTUs in air conditioners and loading kilograms in the washer and the dryer. There is also voltage (110/220 V), and current (mAh), and more…

Here are 4 important units and where mostly they can be found.

two toasters with different wattage


  • A unit is used to measure an appliance’s power. Toaster, 800 W.

  • Watt range differs from one kind of device to another. The watts range of light bulbs is different from the watts range of conditioners

  • The ministry of energy limits these numbers either for conservation or to keep you safe.


steampress iron high voltage


  • A unit is used to find the electric tension needed to run a device.

  • The most famous voltage numbers are (110/ 220).

  • You may find different voltage numbers like 100 or 240. This is to ensure that the device runs safely.

New buildings are required to only add 220V outputs. This is why we advise you to shop for 220V appliances. Also avoid buying devices that are not designed for Saudi or from outside the country, since the international regulations differ from one country to another and may put you and the device at risk.



  • A unit is used to measure electric power over time.

  • ​mAh is usually used to measure the energy capacity of power banks and batteries in phones and tablets.


LG TV 120 Hz.


  • A unit measures the frequency or number of cycles per second. The more hertz is there in the device, the fast it responds.

  • Usually, the Hertz used to learn more about:

  1. Monitors refresh rate.

  2. The processor speed in PCs, phones, and tablets


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