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Amazing Technologies from World Cup 2022

World Cup 2022

As we close to the World Cup 2022 launching, all eyes are on Qatar – the host of the international occasion. With all the innovative strategies that Qatar utilized that reflect what human beings have reached, here are the top technologies that have been carried out by Qatar.

Stadiums’ Cooling Technologies

The hot and humid desert climate in Qatar sets a great challenge. These two factors increase by the population in the stadium. In addition, the players need to maintain their bodies at regular temperatures as they run and perform at their best. Thankfully, Qatar was able to control the in-stadium climate reaching around 24-28 Celsius degrees in the stands and 23 Celsius degrees on the track even when it is 40 Celsius degrees outside. This is how this works:

Cooling Techniques

Techniques Depending on Stadium’s Area

While small circular units sprinkle cool mist underneath spectators’ seats, giant air nozzles spread the air 2 meters from the track. Meanwhile, hot air is sucked from the stadium, filtered, and cooled by water containers, then pimped back to the stadium.

Al Bayt stadium - Al Khaimah stadium

Unique Stadium Designs

In addition to the revolutionary cooling technologies that are applied to 7 of the hosting stadiums, Qatar relies on the stadiums’ building designs. The modern, streamlined designs help carry away the hot air. Take Al Bayt stadium as an example, where light colors and retractable ceilings.


Eco-friendly Solutions

Qatar sets a great example of how an international festival like the World Cup can be executed with sustainable strategies. Here are highlights of Qatar’s stadiums that are either built or operated with sustainability.

Stadium 974

Fully Demountable Stadium

Stadium 974 is a mark of sustainable stadiums since it was built to cover World Cup 2022 needs. The stadium will be demounted after the matches and all materials – that are a set of shipping containers – will be given to the next World Cup host. These all are remarkable ideas for recycling and work efficiency.

Ahmad Bin Ali stadium - Al Rayyan stadium

80% Recycled Stadium

Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium, better known as Al Rayyan Stadium, is certified by GSA. The new stadium is created with the construction materials from the old stadium as a replacement. Moreover, the stadium is using a few more strategies to reduce carbon toxins, water, and electricity consumption.

Lusail Stadium

Solar Energy – Operated Stadium

Stadiums require a massive power of electricity. But Qatar is leaping by using solar energy in Lusail Iconic Stadium. The location is surrounded by solar farms to cover up the stadium, all facilities around it, as well as the neighboring buildings all around the clock.

ElPalm Qatar 2022

Smart Charging Stations

The ElPalm will be planted to serve spectators all around Qatar. The ElPalm is powered by solar energy and charge phones using USB ports or wi-fi. You can also connect with smart wi-fi while charging.

VAR tracking

Semi-automated Offsides

This World Cup will manage more than VAR tracking and judgment since a few technologies have been developed for this purpose. About 12 cameras are placed to track movements, in addition to a ball with a sensor planted inside. The judges will be able to make their decisions within 20 to 70 seconds.

Athletes Smart Wearables

Players’ Health Tracking Wearables

This year, Fifa is planning to rely on electronic wearables to track athletes’ health signs. Low–power – sensors will be printed directly onto the fabrics so the medical team can take analyze their health in real time. On the other hand, wearables are provided for elderly fans.

Façade shows

Nothing is amazing like attending a live match in the stadium. However, Qatar will be leveling up the experience using lighting shows. Stadium’s building façade and the arena into a 3D live lighting show. This will be done with several projectors and sound systems all around the stadium.

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