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Get Ready for Ramadan: How to Commit More

Ramadan Offers

Ramadan comes to bring goodness and affection every year, opening the doors to mercy and drawing us closer to God. It's a wonderful opportunity to reevaluate our daily habits, from time management to dietary routines and maintaining family ties. Here, we offer you some tips to achieve the essence of Ramadan, balancing both your body and soul. 

Ramadan Dishes

Your Diet with Ramadan Twist 

Ramadan sets a great time to explore dishes from Arab and Islamic cultures, making it the perfect opportunity for you to redefine popular dishes with slight twists that are enough to keep it within your diet. You can also rely on prepped meals starting from now, or by snapping the chance in the lighter days. Freeze them for later use so you enjoy meals without hassle. On this matter, we will cover some suggestions for light Ramadan dishes in upcoming posts. 

Looking for a special, delicious, and quick recipe to try in Ramadan? 

Find a delicious chicken recipe made with the electric pressure cooker in this video. 

a Day in Ramadan

Ramadan and Daily Life 

Many employers adjust work hours as they offer support to their employees during Ramadan. This helps to ease fasting and maintain high performance. However, the challenge lies in adjusting your routine to include your usual tasks along with spiritual practices and family visits. 

Tips to help you adjust your routine for Ramadan: 

Sleep Trackers

Find Your Productive Peaks:

You could be an early bird or a night owl; take the chance to achieve your top priority tasks. 

Quran in Ramadan

Set a Time for Spiritual Acts: 

Dedicate sometimes of the day or night to reading Quran and praying. 

smart Watch

Utilize Technology for You: 

Use smartwatches, task-organizing apps, and sleeping habit apps, to ensure you are resting enough. 

Gatherings and Family Time

Family Time 

Host your guests with ease and prepare your home with devices that help you perform daily tasks, like a robotic vacuum for cleaning the house and a dishwasher to shorten kitchen prep time. This way, you'll find ample time for other tasks, from monitoring your children's lessons to preparing for visiting relatives. 

Do you enjoy spending the night outdoors? 


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