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Cool Updates for Apple Users

iOS 16 Cool Features & M2 Processor Abilities

Marvelous changes awaiting Apple users in the iOS 16 update. While Apple allows the developers to update into iOS Beta, have a look at the top cool features. In addition to the best of the brand new M2 chip.

Access iPhone camera through your Macbook

iPhone Camera as a Webcam

If you want to join between the iPhone’s camera features and the comfortable setup of your MacBook, then the “Continuity Camera” feature has got your back. It allows you to wirelessly use your iPhone camera for web calls.

It also supports the “Desk View” that shoots what you do on your desk. This is helpful for educational content or product reviews.

iPhone Live Object

“Live Text” & “Live Object”

Apple fascinated the world with the “Live Text” in iOS 15. The feature allows interacting with the text by copying, pasting, or editing. What is brand new in iOS 16 is that you will also be able to interact with objects from photos or paused videos. The feature works well when the view contains easily detected objects and backgrounds.

Apple is taking the benefit of the technology to improve users’ experience with all its products.

iOS 16 iMessage

Edit & Unsend Text on iMessage

No more Typos, no more regrets. iOS 16 update allows you to edit and unsend iMessage text until 15 minutes after sending. The feature works if both sender and receiver devices are updated to iOS 16.

iOS Lock Screen

A Brand-New Lock Screen Abilities

Not only that you can customize the lock screen to meet your needs, but you will be amazed by the creativity of the layouts. You can add a list of widgets like weather forecasts, activity rings from Apple Watch, calendar appointments, and more…

You can also customize the color, font, shape, and place of the watch on the screen and roll it between the background and the object of the chosen wallpaper picture.

iPad Stage Manager

Stage Manager for Multitasks

This feature brings the iPad user experience closer to the computer experience since it allows you to display up to 8 app windows on the screen. This cool feature helps you with multitasking and works on the iOS 16 updated iPad mini and iPad Air devices.

iPad screen support

iPad Full External Display Support

Just plug the iPad with any monitor and you will get full access to your device through the monitor. You will only need a cable with USB-C and HDMI on its ends. You can also choose between mirroring or displaying separate content on each screen

Apple M2

The M2 Processor

Apple has decided recently to design its own chips. After the marvelous success regarding M1, Apple now is coming with the second generation of their processor. M2 chip develops more speed and power efficiency. With up to 10-core GPU and 8-core CPU. In addition to more streams of 4K and 8K ProRes video.

M1 Max

M1 Pro





​8 or 10



CPU Cores (Total)


​6 or 8



CPU Performance Cores

24 or 32

​14 or 16

7 or 8

8 or 10

GPU Cores






32 GB,

64 GB

16 GB,

32 GB

8 GB,

16 GB

8 GB,

16 GB,

24 GB

Unified Memory Capacities

400 GB/s

200 GB/s

​68.25 GB/s

​100 GB/s

Memory Bandwidth



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