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How Neom Leads the World in Civil Engineering?

Inspiring Technologies That will Reconstruct the Cities


Between the ancient Saudi Founding Day and the promising future of Saudi Arabia, All eyes are on “Neom”, the city with futuristic concepts. Ambition is what encourages the change in the city’s lifestyle while utilizing the recent revolutions. Let’s take you into a briefing on how Neom made an icon of how smart cities should look.

Clean Energy in Neom

100% Clean Energy

Neom is an icon regarding sustainable energy since it depends on recycled, clean sources like wind and solar energy. On the other hand, Neom will lead in producing green hydrogen. All these elements will result in zero carbon emissions. Including the industrial region (Oxagon).

Internet in Neom

Satellites for Internet Network

The internet in Neom will effectively empower the perceptual systems that run the city. Furthermore, the satellite network will cover the city of Neom and the neighboring areas. This came after an agreement that was settled between Neom and The Global Communication Network (One Web).

Perceptual Technologies in Neom

Artificial Intelligence & Perceptual Technologies

Perceptual technologies will help in forecasting what individuals and communities need, making it easier to prepare for the future. Tonomus brings it all up through multiple tools. Including intelligent analytics and scalable systems, Metaverse, artificial intelligence, advanced robotics, powerful data discovery, and sharing platforms. All and more comes in high privacy and legal data sharing agreements with the users.

Neom, IoT

This is a crucial part of technological solutions that are adopted in Neom. From remote-controlled smart houses to work environments and industries. All will lead to the 4th industrial revolution that reflects on the quality of life.

It is noteworthy that STC is a grand sponsor besides a group of other grand international companies. It is beneficial to utilize the internet of things since it helps increase productivity and efficiency, creates new working fields, and enhances the safety of labor

by reducing the possibility of their physical attendance in hazardous areas.


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