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5 Gadgets That Transformed Our Life

Celebrating eXtra's 20th Anniversary.

eXtra 20th Anniversary

As we mark the 20th anniversary of eXtra, your number 1 electronics retail store, we celebrate two decades of revolutionary technologies that reshaped the world. Here are 5 of these technologies that we enjoyed retailing to our customers which they achieved high selling rates from that time till today.

Xbox Game Pass
  • 2002

Microsoft launched its first version of Xbox Live, featuring online multiplayer gaming. This allowed players to enjoy game streaming over the network and communicate while performing tasks, revolutionizing the video game world.

Although Xbox launching was 1 year prior to eXtra's opening, this item has ranked high selling till this day.

  • 2004

Before that year, shooting action videos was a struggle as it required heavy equipment and a crew to maintain the scenes. Then GoPro came as the first compact action camera to flip the game. It allows athletes and video directors to capture stunning moments in 4K video recordings with a small, rugged camera that withstands extreme conditions.

iOS vs Android
  • 2007

There is no doubt that smartphones are indispensable in our daily lives. They offer flexible capabilities and set up an infinite evolution potentiality the for many years past, and more to come. There were several attempts to create smartphones before 2007. But the remarkable one was the first iPhone, featuring a user-friendly touchscreen interface, high-definition smartphone camera, and a variety of mobile apps that perform daily tasks quickly and easily.

wearable Tech
  • 2013

Since they were first made, Watches have been essential to humans. Unsurprisingly, they kept improving internally and externally, providing a wealth of information with a glance at your wrist. Regarding smartwatches, Samsung has a deep history in the wearable tech industry before the new millennium, but the most significant update came in a version that provides instant notifications from your mobile phone. Within a few years, Apple released its first Apple Watch with features closest to the watches we know today.

  • 2016

Wireless Earbuds

When Bluetooth earphones were first launched in the

early 2000s, they were primarily designed for businesspeople. They aimed to make phone calls on the go, had limited connectivity, and lacked audio quality. Then Apple revolutionized the market with their version. Whereas AirPods maintain a similar design to traditional earphones but are completely cordless. With noise cancellation, wireless charging, and sweat resistance. Setting the new standards to listen and connect on the go.


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