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Keep Your House Tidy at All Times

With The Buying Guide to The Best Robotic Vacuum & Mob 

Smart Vacuums

You are coming back home after a full day. Your house warmly welcomes you with a tidy floor that is freshly mobbed, leaving you plenty of time for other important tasks. Your secret hero: the robotic vacuum is plugged into its charger ready to assist you at any time. If you're looking for a smart robotic vacuum to be your right hand in keeping your home clean, here is the comprehensive guide to the best robotic vacuum for your use. 

Robotic and Smart Vacuum

What's the Difference? 

not all robotic vacuums are smart. Some types are not connected to the internet, or any smart devices. They rely on a simple navigation system just to avoid obstacles. In contrast, smart vacuums are equipped with an operating

system and can be connected and controlled via smart devices, whether with an app or voice commands. The smart vacuum notifies you if it encounters problems, like a full container, changing the filter, or getting tangled in wires, on your phone to keep track of its operation. Here is a quick comparison between robotic and smart vacuums. 

Robotic Vacuums 

  • No operating system 

  • Not connected to the Internet 

  • Random navigation system 

Smart Vacuums 

Smart Vacuums Navigation System

Navigation System in the Smart Vacuum 

Navigation systems in smart vacuums serve various purposes. They help in avoiding obstacles, mapping their path in the room during cleaning, and heading to the charging station after finishing. There are advanced navigation systems that allow you to define obstacle areas in advance for the vacuum, so it avoids the area.

 Here are the most popular navigation systems in robotic and smart vacuums: 

Random Navigation:

A system based on trial and error, the vacuum changes its direction if it collides with something until it completes its task and finds the charging station.


 Emits invisible rays to capture the space of the place and detect obstacles. You will notice the vacuum moving in relatively straight lines.

Camera (VSLAM):

Performs visual monitoring through a ceiling-directed camera and detects the dimensions of the room and large furniture to map it out.


Robotic Vacuum Spot-Clean


During your busy and active day, the last thing you want is a spilled cup of juice or dirt from your indoor plant scattered on the floor. Therefore, some robotic vacuums offer a spot-cleaning feature. Just direct the vacuum to the desired area with the remote or the app, and you will have a clean spot in moments. 


Smart Mob

The Perfect Duo! 

Homes with flat solid flooring will appreciate a 2-in-1 device to vacuum and mop. But what about a home with carpets and rugs? You can still rely on the robotic mop to cover the solid

floors, but you need to prepare the place by rolling rugs and marking carpets on the application, so it avoids them. Not so sure about it? Start with a robotic vacuum now, then add a robotic mop later, or go for a comprehensive upgrade by purchasing a 2-in-1 vacuum and mop. 

Check out this video summarizing how the Kyvol E31 vacuum works with the cleaning modes it can operate. 

Smart Vacuums for pets

The Size of the Smart Vacuum 

The floor area is a good starting point to determine the size of the robotic vacuum. However, you need to consider these additional factors: 

  • House size. 

  • Number of individuals, and the presence of children or pets. 

  • Outdoor conditions such as dust waves and sandstorms. 

Each of these factors increases your need for a smart vacuum with a large container and a long battery life. True, some vacuums are programmed to checkmark their progress, return to the charging station, and resume afterward. But you might aim for a vacuum that finishes its job in a single round if you are lacking time. Fortunately, robotic vacuums today overcome this problem with the feature of filling and emptying containers, where they add to the charging station a water tank for the integrated smart mop, and a container for emptying the dust, which is an excellent step to ease your interference and extend the periodic care period for it. 

Read this Post to check out these things in your house before you buy a robotic vacuum. 

Smart Vacuums Noise

Noise & Suction Power  

Relatively, the higher the suction power, the louder the vacuum. You may find some options that break this rule and use advanced, high-tech noise-canceling techniques, but it is essential to sort down your priorities. Do you plan to set the vacuum to work at night? Or during the children's nap

time? Or is the ideal time for vacuuming when everyone is out for work and school? In any case, the average maximum noise level in robotic vacuums is 60 decibels, find this diagram to know more about how noisy this number can be for you or your family. 

Smart Vacuums Noise Guide


Quick Guide for Smart Vacuum’s Specs. 

It will be easy for you to buy a robotic vacuum when you learn how to measure each specification. Here is an explanation for each one: 

Smart Vacuums quick guide


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