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Get Rid of Dust & Allergies with These Easy Steps

Those who suffer from respiratory problems have gone through a lot during the past sandstorms. Almost 8 sandstorms have been reported in the Middle East in 6 weeks only.Therefore, you should work on a few practical steps to obtain a healthy environment. Find more details below:

Refresh the Air Indoor

Dust packs up on the furniture and surfaces clearly after sandstorms, which urges you to make a cleaning round that includes ventilating rooms through open windows.

You can also use air purifiers to make the healthy environment even more sustainable.

The filters in the purifier catch up small particles from the air like air pollutants, pet fur, dust, and pollens. This helps to bring better air to your lungs while preventing you from pollutant complications. Check this chart that shows what the air purifier does or doesn’t purify.


Doesn't Purify:

Dust & dirt



Chemical fumes

Partially: smokes & smoge

Pets' fur and dander

Mold & pacteria


More Steps for HealthierIndoor Environment

Clean the Carpets & Sheets

Most things that hold dirt are fabrics, so it is important to set up a cleaning routine for them. Especially after sandstorms. If you aim for a deep and easy clean-up, then you can use carpet washers.

Grow Indoor Plants

Growing plants indoors is a way beyond the beautiful view they make. Studies proved their efficacy in absorbing toxins, increasing humidity, and producing oxygen. Grow up some plants in your house and you will have the benefits.


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