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How to Start Your Home Gym?

Home GYM
With the new year starting, almost everyone's New Year resolves to stay fit and go to the gym. But what about starting your home gym? With this eXtra Blog, you'll get to know the tips and tricks of making your home gym.

Benefits of Having a Home Gym

  • A solo time while working out.

  • Saving gym subscription payments.

  • The ability to target certain exercises.

GYM Area

Find a suitable space

You must first decide what room you will use before investing and putting so much money into home workout equipment. Your house can have a gym installed in a variety of locations. Your garage and any spare rooms might be a good choice.

Rubber Floor

Floor it with Rubber

It's crucial to protect your house if you intend to use free weights in your gym, mainly if it's located in a basement. To avoid damage, consider rubber flooring for specific sections. This will lessen noise and protect the floor. Mats are also preferred to be placed beneath cycles, steppers, treadmills, and other training equipment.

Weight Plates

Use Bumper plates

Getting bumper plates is another technique to lessen the noise in your home gym. In addition to being a safer option than noisy iron plates, bumper plates provide excellent service. If noise is a significant concern for you, purchase rubber dumbbells, kettlebells, and bumper plates. This is especially useful if you work out early in the morning.

Home GYM TV and Speaker

Add Sources of entertainment

Installing a TV on the wall of your gym is a great addition. When working on the treadmill or needing guidance during a yoga session, having a TV in your home gym may be helpful. Just be careful where you put it or purchase a movable stand. (Shop Tvs)

Choose The Right Equipment

There are many options in the market, but you need to determine the right device for you according to the nature of the sport you intend to practice. Also, there are some basic devices such as a treadmill and an electric bike. Start with two devices and add more to your collection over time.



Without enough ventilation, a gym may soon become a sauna. Consider installing a fan or an AC in your gym. As it's not a terrible idea to have some sort of ventilation, you may also use a portable fan that blows air over you as you sweat. The good news is that basements are often colder throughout the year, but garages and spare rooms can benefit from the presence of a fan or an AC.

Home GYM

Home gyms provide a multitude of perks that you wouldn't find in an ordinary gym. Home gyms may be a terrific way to stay fit, providing more privacy and saving money and time. If you're unsure if getting one is a suitable move for you, consider the numerous benefits that a home gym may provide.


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