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Innovations from the Future at CES 2024

Latest Releases in Technology 

CES 2024

Welcome to the CES 2024 conference; the strongest and largest global tech event that teleports you to the future. The event was originally held at the beginning of January in Las Vegas, it presents the latest technology and devices from developers in global companies. Between smart homes, stunning television designs, and intelligent robotic assistants, we take you on a brief tour of the most important innovations presented at the CES 2024 conference. 

Transparent TV

     Transparent TV Screens  

There is a noticeable creativity in flat screens from Samsung, LG, and Sony, as the three battle to produce the best transparent screens. For example, Samsung has adopted Micro-LED screens. While some of these screens are prototypes for display only, other models are available in the market, like the LG Signature OLED T TV. Enjoy an aesthetic screen that adds beauty to your living room and blends with home decor or transform it into a high-definition

cinema screen by unfolding a black background behind it for an

unparalleled viewing experience.  

Folding TV

     Folding Screens 


After LG showcased its rolled screen in previous years of the conference, CSeed presented an innovative and competitive idea: a foldable screen that looks like a piece of furniture in its folded state, while the creases completely disappear in its unfolded state, becoming a high-resolution screen with an exceptional viewing experience. 

Checkout out this video on how CSeed TV can automatically fold and unfold for a seamless watching experience.

Dell Alienware Gaming Monitor

     Dell Alienware Gaming Monitors  

Dell launched two models of gaming monitors; both are QD-QLED. The first is a 32”, 1600r curve, 4K, and 240 Hz refresh rate. This is excellent for a curved gaming monitor. The second monitor is flat, 27 inches in size with superior capabilities, such as a high refresh rate of 360 Hz, a smaller frame, and a relatively competitive price. Both screens will be available in the market in January 2024. 

Rabbit R1

     Rabbit R1, The AI Robot

If you think that smartphones are the closest technology to human souls, then you need to look at the smart robot Rabbit R1. Among the robots showcased at the conference, which have made significant progress thanks to artificial intelligence, Rabbit R1 beats all with its simple form but superior capabilities. The robot can turn your regular conversations into commands to execute and interact with. This version of the assistant robot surpasses traditional smart assistants like Alexa and Google, which require robotic, dry commands to operate. Rabbit R1 is available

on the market now. 

Check out this video for more details on how Rabbit R1 can turn simple talks into commands and actions.


The model of Samsung's smart refrigerator continues to evolve year after year. The artificial intelligence and its ability to recognize the food inside the refrigerator sets standards for this year. The refrigerator tracks inventory and assists you in organizing and ordering your shopping list, whether through the integrated screen or by connecting to the Internet of Things. You can also prepare dishes and browse a list of recipes based on the contents of your refrigerator. 


   Smart Lights

Many smart home products, ranging from systems to devices, garnered the attention of conference attendees, including smart locks, refrigerators, and speakers. However, what was most impressive at the conference were the RBG lighting designs presented by Govee, which were integrated into viewing and gaming rooms and in-home appliances. This lighting, also incorporated into the home's external decorations, creates an attractive impression

and beautiful details that are resistant to weather elements like dust and rain.

Apple Clicks Creator Keyboard

     Fantastic Accessories for Apple Users 


Apple device users also get their share of innovations at this conference, including the magnetic holder for the iPad, which allows you to raise it parallel to any computer or laptop screen, multiplying your work area screens. There's also the silicone cover equipped with a physical keyboard, dubbed the Clicks Creator Keyboard, whose design with its yellow cover seems to bring back the days of BlackBerry but with the powerful capabilities of the iPhone. Finally, there's the wireless charging platform

for the MacBook. Imagine being able to charge your

MacBook's battery simply by placing it on a square

plate for magnetic charging. 


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