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Pack-up for a Memorable Camping Adventure

With These Gadgets


The camping season is greeting us again, with the cold breeze and the long nights around the campfire. Disconnect from your routine, reconnect with Mother Nature, and have a wonderful adventure with these camping must-haves.

Outdoor Grill

It is unbeatable to grill out in the open where families or friends enjoy a feast hand-made by you from scratch. For enjoyable Shis Tawook, Veggies, or meat skewers make sure to bring these items with you:

Outdoor Grill

Winter Camping

Water Camping

  • Outdoor grill and its necessities.

  • Water for washing and cooking.

Camping Tent

Overnight in Nature

If you love going to the desert occasionally, but never tried staying overnight, then consider this as your upcoming adventure. It brings a hint of a minimal lifestyle and reconnects you to nature like never before. For a fully- fun experience, take these gadgets with you:

Foldable Tent

Air Bed

Sleeping Sack

  • Airbed.

Coffee Maker

Hospitality Everywhere

Hospitality is a big part of our culture. Therefore, coffee, tea, and utensils are necessary! Grab your favorite hot beverages from home and make sure to use a good heat keeper thermos or take your equipment to prepare it freshly.

Are you ready for a memorable camping adventure? Shop for camping on eXtra and enjoy a fun and comfortable day in the desert.


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