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TV accessories

All What You Need To Live the Full Experience

Weather you purchased a TV screen or still planning on one, this guide is taking you through essential accessories that brings out the best experience. We are covering the following sections:

  • Smart Boxes.

  • Satellite receivers.

  • TV stands & tables

You can go further to DJ equipment and Home Theaters that we cover in the 2nd part of the guide.

Smart Boxes

If you already own a basic TV screen, you can upgrade your experience by attaching a smart box like Apple TV or TV box. Smart boxes are able to display content directly from the Internet at your screen. They can also cast applications. Smart boxes can either receive content directly from Ethernet port or through wi-fi. They also come with USB port and Data storage so you can store and display media items. In eXtra, we have quite a few options that suits you in this regard.

Satellite Receivers

If you prefer to watch satellite channels and live shows the original way, then you have to get a satellite receiver along with your TV screen. Satellite receivers are perfect for those who watch wide variety of content. It is also suitable

for those who like to keep TV turned on the background while finishing another task at home or working area. Satellite receivers are classified into the following:

  • HD Receivers

High Definition receivers perform pictures in higher quality than regular satellite receivers. Although regular receivers are considered low price, they face conflict meeting TVs minimum abilities. Since all screens in market now are no less than HD, regular receivers won’t be able to bring out the best of your TV. Furthermore, regular receivers are not able to display HD channels. We advise you to go for an HD receiver if you really want the best experience.

  • Scrambled Channels Receiver

Some channels need subscription to their services. If you like watching channels like OSN and Showtime, then scrambled channels receivers is your hero. You will get a satellite and LNB when you buy scrambled channels receivers. In eXtra, we can provide you with bunch of good subscribing offers. Have a look at this offer that allows to enjoy 6 months subscription if you purchase a scrambled channels receiver.

  • Digital Recording Receivers

Some satellite receivers can take you into another lever of experience. They have the advantage of recording, replaying and pausing programs and shows according to your preferences. If you like to reschedule TV shows to suite your time then Digital recording receiver is the one for you.

Find bellow a quick comparison for all 3 types:

Where to locate my Screen?

There are some factors that affects your decision regarding screen’s place. Such as, screens’ size, surrounding decoration, attached accessories that comes along. eXtra Provides you with solutions that helps you making your decision.


Options for Hanging TV on the Wall

If you decided to hang your screen directly on the wall, then we suggest you to choose a sturdy wall. You need to make sure that the wall can handle screens weight. Avoid partitions and cavities. Ask for someone’s help if you need to left or move the TV. eXtra has free service of delivery and installation for some TV purchases*.

* Eligible for 55” TV in store purchasing, or 58” TV online purchasing. Terms and Conditions are applied.

Fixed wall mount

Hang your TV directly to the wall so you get elegant, organized look and enough space for cables as well. Choose a big wall so you have more space to place your TV on a good angle.

Tilting wall mount

Tilting wall mount helps you fix TV to the right angle for your sight. Go for this option If you prefer to mount your TV high up on your wall. You can also mount the screen above other objects such as high tables or consoles with the tilting wall mount. You will get the advantage of reducing reflections and glares from windows or lights and makes changing cables very easy and quick.

Full motion wall mount

By hanging TV over the motion wall mount, you will get the chance to adjust TV position according to your place. You can pull the screen away from the wall or push it back. You can also swivel it horizontally or vertically. It is the best for open living rooms or big spaces.

TV Wheeled Stands

With the wheels attached to the stand, you will be able to transport the screen from a room to another while safely secured. Wheeled stands are suitable for screens that are used for educational purposes. They ease moving the TV in classes and meeting halls.


TV Tables

The size of the room plays a big role in TV choices. If want the focus on your entertainment system, then pick a large table that attracts sight and has a place for all your accessories. If not, then you can find a small shelf that helps your TV blends in while staying secured. There is a variety of choices that would match your furniture and taste.


If your entertainment system comes along with a lot of accessories and belongings like playing hubs, sound systems, and cables. Then you have to consider having stands that able to organize all of them in suitable way. You can provide same space if choose to go for tables with doors that keeps your objects away from sight while having tidier look.


Matching TV with Mount sizes

It is important to find a stand that matches Your TV sizes. You can find weights and sizes that a stand can handle in product description. If you need to figure out your TV VESA Dimensions for some reason, you can find them in the TV manual or measure them manually. These matching dimensions between TV size and stands are the best:


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