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Video Games Are Accessible for Everyone

Find The most Resent Accessible Gears to Play…

Video Games
The WWE 2K video game is renowned for its action-packed and extravagant gameplay. However, it may come as a surprise to know that it's also classified as an accessible game. The developers have put in a tremendous amount of effort to ensure that it's an exhilarating experience for all gamers, regardless of their motor or cognitive abilities. This isn't exclusive to just this game, but it's a trend that extends throughout the gaming world. Additionally, developers produce incredibly accessible gear, and here are some further details about it.

The Innovative

Accessible Controllers

It is a dedication to produce special controllers allowing a wider range of people to enjoy playing. Find 2 adaptive controllers for Xbox and PlayStation and each one’s unique concept.

Xbox Adaptive Controller

Xbox Adaptive Controller

Everything can be customized with the Xbox Adaptive Controller since it replaces the classic fixed buttons with a wide panel holding 2 giant buttons that are pressable from all angles. If you use unique ways to press buttons, then you will have countless options to plug accessories into the dedicated port. From large buttons and switches to joysticks and foot paddles.

Project Leonardo for PlayStation 5

Project Leonardo

Sony PlayStation recently unveiled its accessible controller. Project Leonardo works exceptionally to make gameplay even more exceptional. This innovation came after the cooperation of efforts between experts and professional gamers. Connect the separated accessories or get ones from a third-party provider. Sony is planning to launch this product by the end of 2023.


Increase your Abilities with the

Accessibility Settings

Once a game transports you to its time and space, it succeeded in being immersive. This is where the accessibility settings come in handy. The following are accessible settings that commonly appear and how to benefit from them.

Text-to-Speech, or Counter wise...

Between the silent scenes with subtitles on the screen and the only loudly spoken ones, some settings gather both. Choose between text-to-speech or speech-to-text for the best gaming experience.

Nioh 2

​Nioh 2

Is a role-playing game where the main characterdefeats giant monsters with his superpowers. Despite the game’s Japanese cultural impression, it also allows subtitles all the time with various spoken and subtitled language options.

Color Pitches

This is a handy option to suit the color schemes with individual needs. Adjust brightness and contrast manually or use pre-set templates that target specific color grades.

Games also tend to show a disclaimer that the following scene contains flashy visual effects. This is critical for those who have sensitive nerves. Some games allow you to skip the part without affecting the gameplay.

EA Sports challenges itself to make interesting updates across the annual version. On (FIFA 23) they provide color grading options with either fixed palates or manual adjustment. This can change the color of grass, main lines, and many other details.

Fifa 23


Forza Horizon 5

Speed Adjustment

There is a major difference between choosing the easy mode and slowing down the speed of the scenes. This allows you to synchronize the pace of gameplay along with your prompts and responses. (Forza Horizon) provides such an accessible option. (Ratchet) took it to the next level so you can switch the function on and off with a button on your controller anytime during the game. Just activate the function and you will be good to go.

Fifa 23

Buttons Mapping

If you ever wanted to swap the function between 2 buttons, this can happen in many video games. Button mapping also serves many objects, one of which is to help multi-platform gamers to unify the way the gameplay across all platforms. But most importantly here is to make them accessible.

Take your time to place the prompts in your favorite way. This can be done prior to playing or maybe after your first session. You won’t be bothered about R1 or L2 prompts anymore. FIFA for example, allows to fully relocate the prompts between the left and right joysticks.



There are countless ways to play with friends when it comes to video games. But there are specific ways to make these ways even more accessible.

Co-pilot Play

Co-Op Play

Co-Pilot Mode

Split controller prompts between 2 controllers so 2 players can play as 1. Try this in a game like (Horizon Forbidden West) to confidently get into a world of entertainment.

Co-op Play

Like in Super Mario 3D World, where 2 or more players can cooperate to achieve one task and finish the round.

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