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Winter Home Baking

Enjoy Preparing these Breads & Cakes at Home

Kitchenaid Mixer

Winter’s long nights are an ignition that brings out your inner chef. It's not just about the fragrant aromas of freshly baked bread; it's the warm kitchen and the gathering of family around a dish made with love that makes winter an opportunity to impress everyone with your cooking skills. Here are some suggestions for types of bread and cake to prepare this winter.

hand mixer


If you are just starting with baking, then sourdough will be your new passion. It is initially made from a sourdough starter that is created and fed by flour and water. This allows you to bake portions of sourdough daily. Knead it by hand or with a stand mixer to ensure the results, and enjoy a fresh slice with mashed avocado, hummus, or your favorite tomato sauce and cheese as a delicious breakfast, or with peanut butter and honey as a dessert with tea and coffee.

dough mixer

Aghili Cake

There is nothing that comes beyond the original Arabic smell of Qirs Aghili. cardamom, saffron, and the tender texture of the sponge cake all gather to make it an absolute winter dessert. The secret beyond the epic Aghili Cake (and any sponge cake) is the well-beaten batter. Pick up a powerful cake mixer that whips the eggs perfectly and you will enjoy a win Aghili Cake every single time.

dough mixer


This bread takes straight forward to Italy. The aromas that come from olive oil, tomatoes, and olives to rosemary are all combined in a chewy inside, crispy outside bread. Moreover, no fuss is needed to make Focaccia. Just grab the basic ingredients, a baking sheet, and preheat your oven, and enjoy a light dinner with your favorite soup.

babka mixer


Create unlimited flavors with a single-dough recipe. From sweet chocolate and cinnamon to thyme and cheese cubes. Make it a fun kid’s activity where they enjoy using the mixer, develop some kitchen skills, and end up with a delicious dish.


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