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Healthy Fryers

Enjoy Your Favorite Meals in a Healthy Way

Airfryers Buying Guide
Who said healthy food needs to be flavorless? With a little help from a healthy fryer, you can enjoy flavorful French fries, burgers, chicken wings, or even healthy muffins. Dishes can be served mushy from the inside, crunchy from the outside, and faster than any other cooking method. We will guide you to get the best healthy fryer for your use in the following.

Key Features to Consider

How to buy an Airfryer


Some healthy fryers come with accessories for more delicious recipes. You can also buy more accessories like baking muffins and grilling skewers kits.

the Size of the Airfryer


Choose a healthy fryer that goes with the number of servings and the amount of cooked food. Their sizes vary from 3 to 12 liters.

Multi- airfryer

The ability to multi-fry

Some healthy fryers are designed to distribute food on 2 layers, others have several racks, and some have dual containers allowing you to make 2 separate meals like this Ninja Foodi Dual Zone Healthy Fryer.


Benefits of Healthy Fryers

Fastest meal in the Airfryer


The healthy fryer Prepares food in a brief time when compared with the oven. While a chicken breast takes 40 minutes in the oven to be ready, the healthy fryer takes 10 to 15 minutes. Some types do not require to be preheated, which saves more time in preparation.

Airfrying for kids

Easy to Use

The pre-setting programs will help you choose the best meal time and temperature. Moreover, it is easy to wash the healthy fryer’s Accessories. Check if the accessories are dishwasher safe.

Healthy fryers

Healthy Meals

The healthy fryer imitates deep-frying by replacing hot oil with hot airflow. Only a few spoons of oil will be needed for flavor and to prevent food from sticking.

Airfryer recipe

Endless Recipes

There are quite a few recipes that the healthy fryer can perfectly handle, like French fries, chicken wings, and nuggets. You can take it to the next level with a little practice and you will have an endless list of new dishes to taste and try.


Types of Healthy Fryers

Drawer basket Airfryer

Basket Healthy Fryer

This type comes in a calendrical design, where you place food in a basket drawer. The hot air surrounds food to cook it, while the basket is slightly lifted from the base so liquids can drip freely away from the food.

Basket Fryer Brands

Compact Airfryer

Compact Air Ovens

This type simulates the real oven but with a compact size. This comes in handy to heat up and prepare food in no time. You also have a wide variety of racks and accessories that match your recipe’s needs.

Compact Air Oven Brands

Upper lid Airfryer

Upper Lid Healthy Fryer

The transparent lid allows you to watch the food while it is prepared. It also comes with an attached paddle that continuously stirs the food, ensuring it is cooked evenly. Hence, you will lay down food directly on the base and the paddle will do the rest for you.

Upper Lid Fryer Brands

Ninja grill fryer

Ninja Foodi Healthy Grill and Healthy Fryer

It is one of a kind in the culinary world. You can either use it to grill or air fry foods.

Healthy Fried Potato Wedges Recipe

Try our simple recipe for crunchy and tasty potato wedges. You can also try more recipes like chicken wings, meatballs, vegetables, and even muffins.

* An extra tip: For more crunchy results, dry up the potatoes with a towel after soaking them before you Air fry them.

Healthy Fryer Do’s & Don’ts

Things to Avoid with the Airfryer

  • Leave the healthy fryer plugged in when you don’t use it.

  • Use the healthy fryer in an area that is not ventilated or in counter corners.

  • Air fry tiny, lightweight food. There is a chance that it gets blown up and sticks into the inner parts.

  • Crowd up food. Apply them in an even layer so they cook evenly.

Tips to use the Airfryer

  • Read the fryer manual.

  • Use accessories that are compatible with your healthy fryer.

  • Use heat-proof tools such as gloves and pot trivets.

  • Apply a small amount of oil either with a brush or a suitable spray.

  • Enjoy healthy and delicious Air-fried meals with beloved ones.

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