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How to Start Your Own Smart Home?

Take Steps into The Future of Homes

Transform your house into Smart Home
Imagine that you wake up in the morning to weather forecasts loud on the smart speaker. Meanwhile, the smart shower warms up the water to your preferred temperature. And before you leave the house to work, you take your freshly brewed coffee made by the coffeemaker.
This routine is not science fiction anymore. You can turn your home into a smart home. If you are unsure where to start, we can help you here.

Smart Fridge

Living in a Smart House

The futuristic smart homes are way beyond human and machine communication. The Internet of Things today allows direct communication between 2 machines without human interruption. For example, the smart fridge concept can detect the shortage of items in it and order the grocery online for you.

Many such scenarios can be integrated into smart home products allowing you more time to achieve the important tasks only.

Here are the benefits of making your home smart:

Smart homes safe electricity

Energy Management

In the long term, the smart home helps save energy. Whether by automating lights on and off times, or troubleshooting the most energy-consumed areas due to leaks or unintentional waste. There are a lot of smart sensors and alarms to start with, like smart leak detectors. You can also aim for white goods that support the “Smart Things” feature.

Smart homes are saving time and effort

Save Your Time & Effort

Someone is going to get the small details done for you. The robotic vacuum is scheduled to daily hover around the house. You will be notified through your smartphone if there are any issues, so you dispatch the dust container. This will increase your productivity while reducing the time you might waste looking for the issue.

Sustainable smart homes

Support Sustainability

You can easily plug and unplug the smart lights once you decide to move into another house, but it is not just about that. Some smart home products can learn about your habits and preferences to apply what’s needed to please you. For example, the smart Thermostat can adjust the AC for you according to your in & out schedule. Not to mention the seasonal climate change adjustments. On the other hand, continuous software updates help increase these smart products’ lifespan.

What is IoT (Internet of Things)?

If you can connect with a device via an IP address, then this device is a “thing” that can be communicated with you through the “internet”. Automate your commands, either with voice or via control platforms. This action won’t necessarily require your attendance in the same location.

This is why any white good that is featured with “Smart Things” are smart goods. Even if it is limited to diagnosing problems and alerting you to the maintenance schedule.

What is IoT

Control your smart home

Start Your Own Smart Home Step by Step

It would be pricy and complicated if you decided to level up your home products all at once. Rather, segment your goal into steps. This also helps your housemates to adopt an easy upgrade every time.

Just keep in mind to look for compatible smart devices, or make sure that the developers are working to update them with compatible software in the future. Buying incompatible smart home products won’t be a big failure, but you will need more applications to manage all the devices.

Smart Lights

This is the easiest start. There is a wide range of smart lighting options, most of which are easy to apply and replace the original lighting with them. Choose the smart features to your preferences: voice control, automated commands, or interactive mode with the surrounding screen and sounds.

Look for smart switches if you don’t want to apply smart lighting somewhere or want to smartly control a regular device via smart applications.

Smart Home Security Systems

It is not just about allowing certain people to enter your property but also helps you go key-free. Here is your shopping list, buy them separately or in bundles: smart surveillance cameras, smart door locks, smart bells, smart sensors, smart water leak detectors, smart smoking detectors, and any other smart device that increases security.

Smart TVs

Step 3: Smart TV

Moving into this step after you equip smart speakers in your house is fun and useful. This allows you to voice control the TV. You can also synchronize the sound between the smart screen and the smart speaker planted anywhere in your house, so you won’t miss any moment of the live matches and events.

Smart AC

Step 4: Smart Thermostat

Either choose a smart thermostat with AI that adjusts the house climate according to your daily habits or look for one that automates the AC running schedule through smart applications.

You can rearrange these steps to your liking while adding anything else not categorized above, like Robo Vac, smart shades, and smart speakers.



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