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LG SIGNATURE TV & MoodUP Refrigerator

Creations that Reshape Your House

LG Event

LG continues to innovate and provide new technologies to make everyday life better and elevate your place with style and elegance. Here are the most powerful creations that LG is planning to drop onto the market soon.

No More Cords!


The clean-looking room matters. With the cordless LG SIGNATURE OLED M Series that LG talked about recently, The only cord that’s plugged in is the power cord. Everything else goes to the Zero Connect Box, which transmits the content wirelessly.

LG hasn’t revealed the launch dates yet, nor the prices. However, they talked about sizes that are up to 97”, up to 4K resolution, and up to 120 Hz.

The screen displays the transparent wallpaper mode creatively, making it innovative to hang it in front of a glass window. This will help consumers to limitedly redesign their place with creativity.

Bring up The Colors

LG Refrigerator

It is not just the TV in the living room that’s innovative. This LG refrigerator wins the kitchen as well. With its colorful panel door surface. You have up to 190,000 color swatches to match up your mode.

In addition to the compact speaker, you can set the colors to interact with it, or even with the outside weather. Not to mention the knock on the door to show what’s inside.

LG ThinQ Care

An Individually Unique Experience

LG ThinQ Care

It is well-known that LG ThinQ is a platform where the customer connects, and controls all his LG smart appliances. In the upcoming updates, LG will provide a unique performance that is customized to individual needs. For example, you can download a Pet Care Cycle to your washer cycles to enjoy laundry free from fur and pet hair.


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