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Protect Your TV from Damage

Protect TV from Damage

Have you ever had an accident where the screen is broken by a reckless toy? We feel your pain. You can now prevent such an accident by getting a TV screen protector going with the wisdom that says, “Prevention is better than cure”.

TV Screen Protectors

There are 2 types of screen protectors:

  • Contact screen protectors, like cell phones’ screen protections.

  • Acrylic shields are hung at a distance from the TV screen by a few centimeters.

Each one has its use, but if you want something that protects the screen from hard projectiles, then go for the acrylic ones. The small gap between the screen and the protector allows it to wobble while repelling the thrown object. look for a high-quality screen protector so it won’t affect the pictures’ quality or color vibrant

Outdoor Cover Case

Outdoor Cover Case

Pleasant weather and World Cup 2022 are coming at the same time this year. So, it will be a great chance to have an outdoor TV screen and enjoy both. Don’t worry about any weather fluctuations because we have the right backup for you. This TV Cover Case is made from water-resistant canvas, covers the screen front and back, and is closed with Velcro straps to keep rain and dust out and your screen safe. It is available in 2 sizes that cover most TV size ranges.


eXtra Services, eXtra Safeguard, eXtra Repair

eXtra Warranty & Repair

It is crucial to learn about warranty and after-sales services. Regarding TV screens, eXtra Warranty aids various kinds of problems, since there are multiple packages where you can choose what suits you. On the other hand, eXtra Repair is always ready for your call. Schedule an appointment where the team is ready to help.


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