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The Best TV to The Immersive Experience

How to buy TV
If you think of having a new screen, but the endless options in the market confuse you, then we have it all here. Find the ultimate one through this buying guide.

5 Main Things That Make Your Decision

Smart screens

Additional Feature

TV panel types

Panel Type

TV resolution


TV sizes


TV sizes


The bigger screen the better of course, but you also need to choose something that fits in your room. You also need to pick a suitable table or a mount, which holds up the screen’s weight.

TV resolution


The resolution reflects the approximate number of pixels on the screen. The more pixels there, the more sharp – detailed pictures you get. This video shows you how to pick the right resolution for your use:

Most Common Resolutions


The highest resolution for the ultimate immersive experience.


Perfect for movies, matches, and gaming.


High Performance, suitable for all types of content.

Things you should know about TVs
Learn more about the TV terminologies & and what they mean, here.

TV panel types

Panel type

There is no absolute right or wrong decision regarding panel types, but there are a few guidelines to help you choose. The below summarizes what is the best about each panel type:

  • The essential screen technology of today.

  • Available in a wide range of prices.

  • Good for all types of content.

  • Omits backlight in its design.

  • Light & thin that it looks elegant when mounted on the wall.

  • Good for either dimmed or bright rooms.

  • Designed with an additional layer for absolute brightness.

  • Good for bright rooms where you can’t control dimming.

  • The smallest pixel size in the market to give you sharp beautiful pictures.

  • Stacked layers give you a thin screen.

  • Long lifespan.



Mini LED

Smart screens

Additional Features

Smart TV vs. Operating System

Smart TVs rely on the internet when playing content or installing apps. On the other hand, TVs with operating systems have a built-in platform and a user interface. Here are more details:

​TV with an Operating System

​Smart TV

android TV pros

Smart TV pros

Connects to the internet?

Web OS pros

Via built-in or separate Chrome Cast.

Pears with your smartphone?

Tizen Pros

a Platform similar to smartphones?

From an app store

Via Internet

Installs applications

TV Operating Systems

Android TV

Web OS

Tizen TV

Harmony OS

Linux TV

Google TV

HDR Format

Smart TVs rely on the internet when playing content or installing apps. On the other hand, TVs with operating systems have a built-in platform and a user interface. Here are more details:

Color Accuracy in TVs

Color Accuracy

Contrast in TVs


Brightness in TVs


The Most Popular Formats

Dolby VISION in TVs




More features can make a massive difference in your experience. For example, if you are used to the luxury of the voice control or the universal remote control, you won’t want to downgrade.

Gaming monitors

Looking for a Gaming TV?

2 more things for you to check out:

Refresh rate in gaming monitors

Refresh Rate

Input lag in gaming monitors

Input Lag

A display's refresh rate is the number of picture frames appearing on the screen in a single second. For example, a 60Hz display will update the screen to 60 frames per second or (fps).

Input lag is the amount of time the TV takes to display a command you make by a controller or any input device. Most monitors’ input lag hovers around 15 ml/ second. This number varies.

Screens accessories

Just Bought Your New TV,

What's Next?


TV cables

Almost all TVs have HMDI ports. Make sure that your TV has enough ports to connect all your devices. Also, ensure that you have at least 1 ARC – HDMI port to conveniently control your separate sound system. USB Ports are also important to display multimedia. Moreover, look for the perfect cable links for you so you can organize your place conveniently and elegantly.

Sound systems buying guide
Learn more about Sound Systems and what the best one for you.

Apple TV

Play Content

Get these accessories according to the visual or audio content you want to play on your screen:

Satellite Receiver

Satellite Receiver

Display satellite channels.

TV Box

TV Box

A device with an operating system where you can install smart apps to display content.

Chrome Cast

Chrome Cast

Cast videos directly from your smart devices.

Maintenance & Post–Sale Services

eXtra Services

After all the effort you made for the television, you will expect it to last long with you with its absolute performance. This is where the after-sale services come. Knowing what the supplier and retail store can help you with is important. Especially in case of broken or damaged screens. screen:

eXtra Services
Learn more about eXtra Services.

Screen protection


Protect your screen with these brilliant screen protectors and avoid dust or water damage on your outdoor TV by getting these case protectors.

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