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The New Model of Artificial Intelligence

How Chat-Bots Can Make Your Life Better?

AI, Artificial Intelligence

Back in 1997 A.D., IBM created “Deep Blue” – the first supercomputer that defeats a human in a chess match. This is how developers first introduced Artificial Intelligence to the world. While AI slowly invades business, industries, phones, and life, the wonder arises: what has happened that made AI the topic of our conversations?

Chat bot, GPT4

Artificial Intelligence Available for All

This is a significant update in AI today. Developers have been working on a robot-chatting model that generates answers and solutions directly. Replacing the old, non-robotic model where the human user drops the keywords in a search engine and manually browses website pages looking for an answer.

The bot chat also generates a full text depending on the factors given to it, as well as imitating fine art schools in artwork creation. This facilitates a lot of creative, complicated tasks that typically require time and effort to be done by a human.

Google Bard

The AI Race

When Open AI first unveiled its first version of ChatGPT, the competitors rushed to follow. Each one distinguishes on its way. Like Bing by Microsoft and Bard by Google. The most amazing AI model is the text-to-image one, which creates artwork depending on prompts. Like: Midjourny, Adobe Firefly, and a few more that are developed by giant corporations or entrepreneurs.


AI in Business Sector

Customer Experience as an Example

It is not just about the availability all around the clock. The powerful models of bots can do more routines… Giving more free time to the customer experience team to take care of the more complicated tasks. These are some of the simple tasks that the bots can easily manage:

  • Available 24/7.

  • Less waiting time for the clients.

  • Unique experience and special responses depending on the client’s needs.

  • Diagnoses and analyzes the pain spot for the client for development purposes.

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Smart Assistant


Challenges & Concerns

There is no doubt that AI will reflect on our life at all facilities. But the rapid change raises the concern of replacing humans’ jobs. However, we all agree that human history has witnessed many phases where some jobs disappear while other jobs shine on the horizon.

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Artificial Intelligence


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